Worrying means you suffer twice

The sign of worrying

          Hi smart people, good day, isn’t it? Today I would like to share about how to stop worrying and how to increase productivity, the main reason why I choose that topic because many people lose their productivity because they put their focus to worrisome case, at this moment I would share how to detect the main problem which causes people to worry, the first reason why so many people worry because they train their habit to imagine about the failure possibility, so habit can destroy someone's life as long as they are used to train their mind not to dominate his own life with his own creationremember this note; as long as someone doesn’t prepare good investment for the future, he always worries wherever he goes because he deliberately ask his time to run by itself, in my personal opinion; don't run the time by itself or you will miss the glorious opportunity, so you need to make good investment, good investment activity is like improving knowledge by reading book and try to sharpen your curiosity about how to make the possibility of succeed, I just remind you that only unproductive person who invest his time to worry, here is my daily note for you; lack of productivity will create lack of enthusiasm.

During building self-esteem, you can’t demand other people to stop your worry because self-control can’t be represented by other people’s skill except yourself, you are captain of your soul, in my personal opinion; don’t let small concern destroys your big concern because small carelessness is enough to give you big accident if you let it happen, so small concern is like the burning fire from matchstick and small fire can burn out your house when you let it happen, so don’t let your sense of worrisome will take your big focus and try to make creation where you haven't tried before, here is for your note; don't try to let your mind is like emptied house where it doesn't offer the attractive sightseeing unless you want your sense of worrisome will approach you, so starting now, you can learn to block the bad influence which may enter and dominate your mind by becoming a valuable person, means you make yourself being needed to other people who may have serious problem, if there is something wrong happen in your surrounding area, don’t start to worry, but you can distract your focus by finding someone or some references which it can solve your problem, remember this note; one minute to worry is enough to destroy your self-esteem in one day because worry is an act of regression to face the reality.

You can’t put your focus to lean towards something that it can’t be trusted, if you do that, unwittingly you will devalue your skill, remember; trust is like the gold where it will be exchanged with the expensive stuff, you can’t trade your gold with the cheapest stuff because it’s not commensurate, if there are people always make you worry, means they can’t be considered as trustworthy and being cheapest stuff, please don’t make commitment with them and don’t spend your time to people who can’t appreciate your existence, your time is too valuable to be shared to the untrustworthy peoplestarting from today, please ignore something where it can drain your focus and stop worrying then start to appreciate the small gift from Almighty God (Allah) such as maximize your self potential, accept your (ADD) attention deficit disorder and explore something what you need to increase your self-worth.