You are the artist of your life, don’t give the pain brush to anyone else

          Hi smart people, good day, isn’t it? Today I would like to share about how to hold the pain brush in order to pain your own life, the main purpose why I choose that topic because most people try to repaint other people’s lives, as a result they forget how to design their own life journey, plus they will never achieve the dream because their ingenuity and vitality are decreasing by itself, in the law of life; nobody is going to fix your life except yourself because you are the paint brush holder, so everybody has own responsibility to repaint their own personal life, if you ask me, which one are you? “Are you going to repaint other people’s lives with your water resistant paint or you let your life is being naked without water resistant paint? if i were you, I would not let my paint color is being used to repaint other people's lives because my paint color is very limited and I will use my paint color to repaint my inborn skill or masterpiece until it can shine on other people’s lives, that’s what I call the life's inspiration story.
repaint your life by self-reflection

 Remember this note; building life is like building a luxurious house, if you can't become an artist for your life, so you will never build your own house, let's compare between building life and building house, during building a house, you need bigger focus and much attention how to choose the building design and how you choose the building material before you build a house, so at this phase you need to ponder for awhile, many people don't consider their life is too important because they think their resources are enough to supply daily needs in short term journey, so before the crisis is coming from future, prepare your paintbrush to repaint your days, we need to learn how to become an artist for our own lives, That’s the life duty. remember; only a dedicated person who can create a luxurious house with their creation, that good model applying equaled method how to build a better life, I am sure you are not behaving casually if you know how dedication process is very needed to build a better life, am I right?

Don’t let your life is naked without being dressed with self-esteem, wisdom, ingenuity, vitality, philosophy, discipline and knowledge, those are requirements how to build a better life, now we got a new clue why not everyone considers that having own house is important? because they have considered earning money for short term satisfaction is more important than having a house, but if you are serious to build a luxurious house, I am sure you will save your big money, make a thrift about daily expenses for long term plan, now the basic reason why not everyone consider their lives are too important than having house because they don't have dream, remember this note; every dream can project something where it doesn't exist yet to be alive in reality lifein my personal opinion, if you think your life is more important than your friend circle, I am sure that you do not waste your time futility with your friend circle because you understand your future is 10 times more important rather than hanging out with your friends.
repaint your life color with knowledge

 Starting from today, please sit down for moment and start to visualize how to design your life by nurturing your inborn skill, nurturing your good habit and nurturing your wisdom, if you consider house is not important right now, it’s okay, as long as you have a great spirit to pursue your life purpose and you attempt to get your success personality, so keep doing it, here is one more thing; don't let your small concern will destroy your big concern, if you can stick together with your life color, I am sure that you will never get bored because you feel like staying at home wherever you go, hopefully you can start to repaint your life color and let your life value will inspire others.


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