Developmental delay

  Hi good reader, welcome back with me, Fian, hopefully you always have the abundance of health, wealth and happiness, today I would like to share about the topic "developmental delay", the main purpose why I choose that topic because many people are too satisfied with what they do until they don't want to evolve their potential to welcome problem, if people just do what they can only without accepting new challenge, their brain capacity will get developmental delay, remember this law "lack of using potential will create developmental dental", now your future depends on you, the more you use your potential to solve problem, the more you accelerate your inborn skill, your attempted fast to solve something will influence your trouble shooting skill, now here is the first thing you must do if you want to avoid developmental delay; don't spoil your lust by doing something you like in order to get what you want, the reason is, life doesn't work like what you expect, instead, your want will keep you away how to get what you dream in life, sometimes we need a pain to get something we want, that's requirement, if we don't get enough pain, we will get developmental delay in our potential, pain is requirement how to conquer developmental delay, even though every pain pushes us to do something we hate, we will be guided to receive something we deserve, our want can't be reached by us as long as we don't pull our potential to do something where most people tend to avoid to do.

time will not compromise, time will reveal what you deserve even though you hate to accept
Here is the second thing you must do if you want to avoid developmental delay; don't try so hard to be something you aren't, it means, don't try to do something where it keeps you away from your high enthusiasm, you will never get what you deserve before you serve your high enthusiasm with something you don't deserve to do, our future is determined by our choice, not by chance, when we spend our major time to do something unimportant within 5 year, as a result, the next five year later automatically we will get the result which may disappoint us, please be careful with your time usage, time can be valueless when you produce nothing, time can be valuable when you serve your pain to do something where it is congruent with our enthusiasm, here is my daily note; this life will give the best appreciation to you if you appreciate your time value by investing your serious time with productivity, life will not tolerate your want when you just spend your serious time to repeat what your low standard always does to your daily life, if you serve your casual time more than your serious time, time will delay your potential development and you will be treated by life like a prisoner where you can't go anywhere except you are under control by other people's plan, I think my explanation is enough, hopefully this information can give you an idea how to improve your life, good luck. 

Your follower is not always your fan

          Hi smart people, good day, today I would like to share how to make a new perspective about the follower’s existence, as we know many people collect many followers can increase the reputation and many people think a follower is always fans, in fact, the follower is not always the best friend or a lovely family, but the follower can come from the critic maker, enemy, competitor, the justice law, the troublemakers, media, sponsor, etc. please beware when you choose one of your follower because your reputation will be at the stake, the good reputation can be built in 5 years but it can be destroyed in 1 minute by getting bad reputationin this century many young people  are struggling how to get many followers by spending their money in order to attract the unknown people's attention.
Follower is not always your fan

           In my personal opinionthis method is not producing more significant result because it's be used to buy other people attraction, in fact the the attractive marketer is not trying to buy the follower's satisfaction, but solving the follower's problem, here is the philosophy you need to know; “the right people will come and stay for longer time because they already find the worthy from what you have done”, when you are so busy building a masterpiece or good product or good service for other people, the good value from what you have done will help you to promote your value, please don't look for the follower, you just need to focus on your clear goal or legacy because "a good value never ever begged for the human's mercy because good value is like the antidote for all problems, so it always be pursued and be looked for by human being"
good legacy always be pursued by the follower

Remember; no matter how many followers you have, they aren’t giving a success story or guarantee for you, as long as you become the channel of all human problem, you will leave good legacy and other people will look for you without being asked, don't try to influence other people to follow you, all you need to do is be a well prepared person with good resources because the luckiest person in this world is not talking about the opportunity they have, but the one who always the most prepared in any circumstance, I am not trying to influence you to leave those people who already follow you, but you must beware that not all people can give you a good feedback, in my personal advice; don’t spend your major time to entertain your follower, but spend your time to solve the favorite problem that most people have, if you keep doing it, I am sure the unexpected follower will come to you without hesitation.

Action opens the door, consistency keeps it open

          Hi smart people, good day, today I would like to share about how to make consistent habit, the main reason why I choose that topic because not all people believe that having consistent habit can help them to promote their dream to the reality life, besides that relying an action is not enough to accelerate the progress because one act will be stuck in one journey when it will meet with new problem, remember; every action will not run maximally without attaching the mental development program from the human resourcefulness, such as the consistent habit, enthusiasm, strong passion and discipline, besides that, human need to train their mindset first in several years with making the productive mistakes and embrace the self-development program before they prepare for the physical skill, that's the key, if you have similar problem like the example above mentioned, "don't try to change the circumstance first, but change your mindset first, if you can't handle your mindset problem, the more circumstance will burden your mental strength", that's the game of life.

          Every human doesn’t have any right to determine about the end result because there is boundary between the human's right and Almighty God's rightwhen there is someone who can't achieve his goal, it's not means he is failed, but his attempt still on the progress, when he is creating a momentum and progress, on the other side his dream is approaching him, at critical phase, we must be patience by exploring the valuable information to prolong our mental endurance and keep monitoring the working progress until the result comes in the right time, remember this quote; outcome doesn't happen by power of hope, but outcome is determined by relentless attempt and unwavering faith, please don't waste your time will count your waiting act, but enjoying your working progress until the result will show themselves, if you insist to manifest what you want is happening in the reality, you must do something until Almighty God grants you with the privilege to access unbelievable result, here is special note; all dreams look impossible, but when you make approach, it will change into possible thing, the great key success; "don't chase the result, but chase the possibility to succeed".

          When we can’t control what we think, we can’t control what we do, before you create the consistent habit, make sure your purpose has connected with the right track, means, you create the evolution and your masterpiece will bring a good influence to other people who may don't know about your reputation, pursue the act of consistency will open new possibility to succeed and it will reinforce our habit to make different living, when you want to manifest what you desire into reality, you must change the word "I want to manifest what i desire" to become, "I demand myself to finish what I start", when you have a good philosophy such thing, your opportunity keeps opening, and you will stay optimistic, here is for your note; act of consistency comes from someone who is taking greater responsibility rather than common people's standard, here is good news; the more you take responsibility, the more problem will come, the more you can handle the problem, the more fortune will come unexpected.

When you can’t control what’s happening, control your respond to it

          Hi smart people, good day, today I would like to share how to make good response towards the circumstance which may come from the unexpected direction, in this life, we agree that human and other creatures can’t control all circumstances, but when we don’t control our response, we will feel the worst thing for long lasting effect when we keep it that way, as human being, our emotional intelligence is very helpful resources to create boosting machine for creating new solution for us, we can delegate emotional intelligence power to make a better attitude, a better action and a better planremember this note; if we don't have ability to control our response, we always see negativity when new problem comes inso we need to make strategy in advance before we will be controlled by bad circumstance, human being is a unique creature, we have been entrusted by God with five intelligence; such as spiritual intelligence, emotional intelligence, mental intelligence, intellectual intelligence and physical intelligence, those are the major resources where they can assist human how to face problem, make solution and how to recognize the universe's power, if we lack of resourcefulness, we can’t work together with them.

          I have reviewed a bit about the universe’s law, it can provide renewable resources to human's necessity without being asked by human's desire, the universe has no self-control power but the human being have that power, if we want to make carefully decision in this life, we must possess the self-control power because every minute of decision we make, it will determine our future we can’t live by showing any recklessness in this life, sometimes we need to obey the rule if we want the universe gives the best performance for us, I just want to remind you that there is nobody can avoid the adversity or the failure during making living on earth because everyone will deserve not benefit, unless they will learn something from the consequence; here is my daily note; Almighty God doesn’t ask you to change the circumstance by creating new environment, but He insists you to change your response towards the circumstance by leaving the unproductive habit or bad habit, in addition, the universe will never serve us with good or bad thing, only our decision can give the value whether our behavior can be accepted or not by the universe.

The first step how to improve our response towards the circumstance is accepting the reality as a new lesson and monitor what we did something in every 24 hour, make sure during that time period, we invest a good legacy because  tomorrow is part of the today's legacy, every 24 hour determines our next destiny, there is no instant process will be served by the universe because there is time as interval process, so we must respect about the process, the universe will work on progress although it needs one second, during waiting the universe's working time, we need to record whether any missing result or not within 24 hour, I hope after you read this article, you won't regret about your losing time value, don't forget to love your time more than anything valuable in this life because time is the part of seasonal friend where it will never return. 

Consistency is more than perfection

          Hi smart people, good day, today I would like to share how to make the consistent habit during undergoing the unpleasant situation in this life, the main reason why I choose that topic because there is something valuable information I will tell you about the benefit of consistency, as we know that act of consistency is one of the highest habit level which is loved by Almighty God because this kind of habit can be used to knock Almighty God’s heart, there is no meaningful success in this world when there is nobody will enjoy his own life journey, remember this note; it doesn’t matter whether you start earlier or later, if you don’t commit to the consistent process, you will lose by your desire powerthe consistency is the only way how to keep opening the door of opportunity although you haven’t guarded that door at every moment, if we don’t want to keep consistent on the clear purpose, we will lose our vision about our purpose ahead, that’s the lawhere is the major cause why we can’t reach our target; we have the perfectionism standard, lack of consistency and we have many goals, when we apply that kind of belief into daily life, we will lose the sense of enthusiasm because unwittingly we underestimate a small chance which may help us to reach the target, that’s the frightening thing.

In my opinioneverybody has sense of perfection in their idealism, but don’t let our idealism will preempt new opportunity which may give an answer for our problem because it will devalue the power of opportunity itself, if we behold to the positive side of the sense of perfection; we can use our sense of perfection to monitor our best performance to the specific field we want to get in, but if we behold to the negative side of the sense of perfection; the perfectionism believer will not receive a new idealism easily from the other people or the unknown reference although the information gives the true information, here is the philosophy you may need it, "the sense of perfection is like someone is running in the treadmill machine, he is doing something consistently, but unfortunately he puts his satisfaction to the unpromising scope, so he plans to fail"we will not lose any opportunity if we keep consistency how to discover it, but the problem is “not all opportunities can be approached to any person because every opportunity just welcomes any person whose a ready made product”, besides having a consistent habit, we also need sense of enthusiasm and reward to attract our sense of urgency, if we lack the sense of urgency, finally we will produce unproductive habit.

When I review about the perfectionist’s habit, he can’t recognize self-worth because he uses their major time to focus on the wrong direction, means “the perfectionist focuses how to access the perfection value”, but he is not focusing “how to keep on the consistency value”, here are the good news if you start to apply the sense of consistency into your daily activity, the first benefit; you will never get failure, except your mental age is going to be mature, invincible and stronger, the second benefit; the universe will lend its energy to help you to access the power of imagination, the third benefit; you will never touch with doubt, fear or the negative feeling.

How to be a good listener

          Hi smart people, good day, today I would like to share how to be a good listener, the main purpose why I choose that topic because not everyone wants to listen an advice from other people because some of them think that they are self-righteousness, a bad listener always rejects to the truth, reject the advice from other people and not interested about future, now i will share several points how to be good listener, the first requirement how to be a good listener is having an empathy, this kind of ability is very important because we will feel connected with other people’s experience, "we will see what other people can see, we will listen what other people can't listen, we will feel what other people can't feel", showing an empathy can create new harmony and new serenity, when other people will get condition, they will welcome us without any complaining and when we are not around them, other people will seek us, the second requirement how to be a good listener is "showing the respectfulness to other people's principle", not trying to surpass their knowledge and don't start your topic when other people are not interested about it, the third requirement how to be a good listener is "being a good giver and being a good observer", showing your best performance when other people is showing their problem, when you have this habit, you will be known as a trustworthy person.
a good listener is having trustworthy characteristic

A good listener’s habit has same equals with a good giver’s habit, both are part of good habit because they are not having selfish characteristic, the main reason why I say such thing because a good listener has a free time to research about the human’s problem and he will try to give a good service to other people although other people are not necessarily able to pay him well, the main reason why a good listener keeps doing that habit because he considers the other people’s bad experience can become a new lesson for a good listener, in the future he is not necessarily to repeat the same problem like what other people did in the past because a good listener has collected the supply of solution, a good listener always have a good plan ahead because he knows reality is not always serving a good result, a good listener spends their major time to learn because he thinks his masterpiece will be expected by other people.

        The fourth requirement how to become a good listener is "not showing your weaknesses to other people", means whatever he has many problems, he will not beg the emergency help, he will stay trust about the gift that Almighty God gave him, and he keeps humility to prepare a best performance, best action and not complaining about failure, a good listener is having book reading habit and having strong curious how to find the valuable information which may guide him how to solve as many as problem he will meet because he considers every people's problem can become "attractiveness of conversation", here is my daily note that you may need it; when you commit how to become a good listener, your existence will be the same like the sage person's destiny in the old century, you will be needed, you will be wanted and you will feel being loved.

How to focus on the goal, not to become a success model

        Hi smart people, good day, today I would like to share how to focus on the goal, not to become a success model, the main reason why I choose that topic because many adult people try to become a success model, but in their end of life they still can't get what they really want, maybe you will ask about the main problem why adult people still failed to become a success model because they wait for getting the compliment or achievement from other people, in my opinion; don't try to become a man of success, but try to become a man of value, if you acknowledge yourself as a success model, your life journey is like a mannequin's living, every day a mannequin isn't happy before it's  getting a compliment or achievement from other people, so in the end of the day a mannequin still can't help other people's problem because it's thinking about how to become a success model, but if you intend to become a man of value, your masterpiece can bring the benefit for other people because it can solve other people's problem, that's difference.

         Most people forget that the real success model is coming from the universe, there is nothing meaningful success if we don't use it's principle as a success model, we need to learn how to apply the universe’s law into our daily life, the universe’s law is kind of best partner you can rely on, it never break the promises, it never tell a lie and the universe’s law will work for us when we attract it’s attention by having a a clear goal, in my opinion; focus on one goal is the fundamental education how to attract the universe’s power, so we don’t need to execute about the end result, we only need to practice our craft with few small discipline every day until we can handle more challenge, remember this note; result is not part of end challenge, but it’s part of next challenge, we don’t know when we really accept the reward from God, we are just demanded by God how to make some good investments in this life and we cultivate our habits with discipline, consistency, courage, commitment and stay trust with divine’s timing.
boost your goal with discipline mind

          Remember this note; as human being, we are not entitled to become a success model like the universe because we are out of its capacity, we just need to make a plan, execute our plan to the reality, monitor the progress, make new record, promote our product knowledge to other people and face the reality when we get failed, when we don’t focus on the clear goal, we will plan to fail in the future, it’s part of the law of cause and effect, make the clearest goal is part of self-maturity process because it can guide us how to monitor it's progress, unfortunately not everyone has a plan how to make the goal is clear, that's why most people failedthe big result will come when we detach ourselves from the outcome, the main reason why we need to bigger focus on the process rather than focus on the end result because it can help us how to finish the part of goal, so don't think about result because it is part of God’s responsibility,  if we just focus on the outcome, as a result we will get more disappointment because we are impatience how to enjoy our chosen journey.

          When we focus on the clear goal, we act like sniper who is hunting the animal from the farthest distance, in the reality life, sometimes we need to hide from the crowded people, we need to forget our past memory, and we need to forget about small concern until we can create bigger focus and get the clear target, if you want to make extraordinary life in the future, be like a sniper, focus on your clear goal, enjoy the process, forget about your failure and monitor your own progress, when you reach your goal, celebrate with reward, but when you don’t reach your goal, celebrate with wise attitude and try again until God says "your attempt is enough, let me finish the end process and I will give you the reward".

How to love the life journey more than result

          Hi smart people, good day, today I would like to share about how to love the life journey more than result, the main purpose why I choose that topic because many people don't love their life journey, in the daily life they prefer to spend their major time to idle away to any random places rather than learned something valuable, so they can't become a better next person in the future, the major cause why many people have lost their great chance in the adult age because in the young age they demand the result more often rather than demand themselves to finish what they start, this is generation problem has been recurred almost every day, at this moment I would share the way how to love your life although you need to resist what your mind desires, the first step you need to do if you want your life loves you is designing your own life plan and you commit with it, please make sure only you can take higher responsibility and make sure only you can do it, after that you need to explore what you need to know and research the valuable information you need to learn, such as seeking the valuable information how to solve your internal problem, how to make a good rapport with clients, etc. 

The second step you need to do if you want your life loves you is learning deeply how to use about the character of time, health and wealth; please remember that time, health and wealth are neutral, they will give you more benefit if you give more benefit, they will give less if you give less, if you take care of it, they will take care of your future, if you prioritize them by filling your most days with a good habit, they are going to manifest what your desires into reality life, that's the natural law, there is no miscalculation if you do business with Almighty God, all you need to do is stay obeying with the natural law like I mentioned above, this life will love you if you love what your own life design, here is my additional note; (don't try to kid your own inner heart), if you try to kid anybody else with your bullshit story, life will not give you a guarantee for your success time, if you wait the result only, time will wait your attempt, if you keep doing that habit repeatedly, you are risking your own life to the dangerous life.

The next plan you need to do if you want your life loves you is making a list before you start something, the main reason why you need to make a list, it will train your commitment, if you prioritize the activity list, you will make efficient effort within your time because you have fulfilled what you start till the end, here is my daily note; don't start when you can't finish and finish what you start, if you can't start something you have never done, you haven't deserved to get you have never had, I hope you will not run your days for meaningless purpose, this life is not our home, but it's arena to proceed our destiny to the next life.

The Power of perseverance

          Hi smart people, good day, today I would like to share how to recognize the meaning of “the power of perseverance” and how if we put it into our life’s plan, as we know we have been educated by our teachers from our childhood how to pass the compulsory subject’s examination without neglecting our notebooks where we used it to relearn the difficult lesson, that's perseverance process, but when we are getting old, we forget how to use the perseverance's habit because we are too satisfied about the last achievement we made it, that's trap,  remember this note; if we connect with the life system, we should keep the journal to our own personal problem, it can be used to verify our life journey whether any progress or not, we can use the journal how to monitor our target whether any missing report or not, unfortunately many adult people have underestimated about the power of writing a note, remember; the perseverance can be built when we don't lose our focus, the power of focus is coming from our monitoring to the daily journal, when we can't achieve the target, at least we don't lack of enthusiasm to continue our plan.

       Remember this note; our potential growth is coming from perseverance, no matter how tough your life journey, if you can handle the problem by using the power of perseverance, your problem will weaker than it usually does, it's the same thing how to prolong our happiness, we can't make a hope to receive happiness, that's misleading process, we need to struggle and commit to build by finding some solution, that's key how to build happiness, every happiness equals with your capability level, when there is no progress of your capability, you can't build the happiness's foundation, here is the philosophy you need to ponder in your life plan "when there is no perseverance, there is no happiness at all"you and I can’t keep distance from the power of “the power of perseverance” because this method will give us a clue how to pass the stumbling stone, the biggest risk will happen when we don't take it as stepping stone.

Remember this note; the biggest risk in life is not coming from big problem ahead, but the biggest risk is coming from our biggest obstacles we have made such as distrust with God's plan, doubt, procrastinate, fear, sadness, etc. When we have a protective mindset, we will refuse to change our habit or change our standard because we are too comfortable about the last shelter we have created, that's trap, remember this note; there is no strong shelter can be made in this life because time will destroy the strongest shelter on earth, our protector and shelter are coming from the power of faith to God, when we don't apply the power of perseverance to our problem, there is always big problem will come in, here is the additional note; time will work hard  for you when you use the power of perseverance, but time will crush your plan when you just run your days with neglecting small discipline every day.

We must take a risk if we want to get out from the circle of hell, the compound of circle of hell is coming from the sense of pleasure and easiness, we can't make good life when we just wait the signal from other people, the good investment we need to build on earth is activating the power of perseverance and power of curiosity, without attaching both power, we always run into the circle of hell, here is what God's promise to human " o, my people, do your utmost ability, in fact i will also do, one day you will find out who (among us) will get good results in this home, surely the wrongdoers will not get a luck"

Forget the mistake, remember the lesson

          Hi smart people, good day, today I would like to share about how to accept about lesson and how to forget mistake, the meaning of that statement, when we got mistake in the past, don’t let it make you feel down because not every mistake is defining your weakness, sometimes every mistake is designed to enrich your life experience, I remembered when I was child, I had learned many mistakes and I still didn't get clear how to take a lesson behind it, at that time I tried to keep memorizing the lesson until I had found by favorite compulsory subject, that’s I call it as God’s plan, if I didn’t take mistake, maybe I will be blamed with tons of mistakes by others people who don't know me well.

        Here is the key phrase; “human will never accept lesson until God insists to put human to the adversity and teaching human how to change mistake to be a blessing in disguise”, remember this note; “we will not die because of mistake’s existence, making a new mistake doesn’t mean we commit to sin”, we must be wise about the purpose of making mistake, be relax when we face a mistake, that's part of growing process, we should be worrying when we don’t make any mistake because we will be charged with tons of mistake if we don’t take any lesson from the mistake, that’s the consequences to punish the desperate people, here is my daily note; we are born on earth to learn the lesson and undergo the life examination, not to fulfilling our sense of pleasure.

          Undergoing the life examination is too important in this life, we can’t escape from that examination until the time will do the termination process, if we try to escape from the life lesson, we will be forced by God to relearn again until we understand the purpose of lesson, here are the purpose of the life lesson; we can minimize to repeat the unproductive habit and we start to do more productivity, such as exploring our natural skill, having a relentless drive to pursue the clear goal, create productive mistakes such as learning how to stay in business, spot an opportunity, how to build a good rapport with others, learn from failure, willingly to recognize the sign of God's existence etc. Remember this note; don’t spend your time to wait a help when you want to know how to solve your problem, besides that, time will control your own plan if you don't have any plan to control your time, here is my special note; don't think you are alone when you create new mistake because your mistake will increase your potential growth rather than someone who isn't trying yet towards what you do now.

You don’t need to copy someone else’s success method or making the success model when you want to succeed to any fields area you want to come with it, you only need to learn by becoming a good listener, empowering your daily habit with new knowledge every day, that’s the idea model, don't let we fail how to detect about external problem and internal problem, if it's happening, we can’t execute the next life plan, we only live one time in this life, there is no reincarnation, when we don't maximize the power of curiosity, we can't discover God's riddle, we must use our time so wisely because time is the only biggest investment that God gives it to human beingwhen we don't have one second, we will lose our lives forever, as long as we are still breathing it, we must use the major time to discover our unique skills and how we can access our super conscious mind by finding God's wisdom, when we fill our lives with God's wisdom, it will increase our soul serenity and God will make you forget about mistakes you have been through it.

If you never try, you will never know

          Hi smart people, good day, today I would like to share how to empower our mental intelligence by having countless trying habit, the main purpose why I choose this topic because many young people’s mentality are not prepared to face the life crisis such as economy crisis, daily necessity crisis, mental crisis, good attitude crisis, etc. maybe you will ask me, "why young people's mentality are not prepared for facing life crisis?" because they don't want to take risk and learn from it, my concerning is when young people turn into adult people, they still can’t overcome serious problem because they don’t have any good resourcefulness to fix it, as a result, they are easily to get desperation and they are unable to see their self-worth, now let me explain how to build good mentality, the first thing we should do if we want to increase our mental intelligence is keep hunger about the knowledge as if we had had never known what will happen in the future’s time, the second thing we should do if we want to increase our mentality is having strong passion to discover the universe riddle such as the universe's law, the disaster of life, the power of imagination, etc.

The third thing we must do if we want to increase our mental intelligence is becoming a visionary person, means, you have the ability to delegate your power of vision to access the possibility of success in the future, as a visionary person, you start to commit to do something valuable even though you have failed many times over and over again, I just remind you that there is nobody in this world will know about the future, except God, as normal human being, we are not entitled to interrupt the God’s tomorrow plan, the main goal why every human ability is tested every day because Almighty God wants to know whether the human's performance is deserved to accept the reward during undergoing the exam process, so there is no time to stop trying because there is no failure in this life, when you get failed at something you have never did before, its normal because it’s part of practice, if we compare between the school’s education system and God’s education system; the teacher will punish you once you make any mistake, but if you receive the God’s education system; God will punish you if you don’t make any mistake.

 There is nobody can understand a new lesson easily from God’s education system at the first time, except human are forced to create new mistake as consequence for growing our mental strength, that’s part of Almighty God’s favor, not punishment, remember this note; Almighty God will give a reward to human who keep trying over and over again because God knows the unwavering attempt is the requirement how to unlock the unlimited wealth, don’t be shy when you don’t know about greater knowledge, as long as you keep trying, there is nothing impossible to achieve it, besides act of trying, do the repetition is the mother of all skill, “the more you practice, the more you get enlightenment, the less you try, the less possibility to succeed”.

If you are not serious to your life, time will not get serious to work for you

Serious time is reasonable time to explore your life purpose

          Hi smart people, good day, today I would like to share how to manage our serious time, the main purpose why I choose that topic above because not everyone wants to invest their major time to serious time, the word "serious time" means, time to explore the information how to fulfill what the soul wants, as we know that everybody has amount of time, 24 hour, but not everyone wants to invest more than 50% time of 24 hours to dig a serious time; as a result, they worship to the worldly stuff and they do not to focus how to solve internal problem, such as something makes someone get worried or something which can increase someone's fearfulness, here is the clue to live peacefully on earth; "the most important thing in this life is not how long you live on earth, but how importance your existence in the eye of God at the restricted time", remember; if you commit that you can make serious time more than 50% of your 24 hour, you will become a sage person, but if you spend your serious time less than 50% of your 24 hour, you always become a mischief-making.

            The main reason why we must have serious time because time will offer us two option; take a risk or take a regret, if we don’t have serious time during 24 hours, we will plan to build the circle of hell in the future, before it will happen in our present time, at least we must recover our inner pain and start to think about how to invest our time to prioritize the most influence factor where it can prolong human necessity in the future's time, such as knowledge, the spiritual experience, economy safety, and healthy mind, here is for your note; the sage person always spends 60% serious time among 24 hours, 40% casual time, means; 14 hours to invest the basic daily necessity, 9 hour to make a casual time, please don't try to change the time management, here is my daily note; the difference between successful people and unsuccessful people can be reviewed from their time managementthe successful people prefer to invest their time by doing the productivity, whereas the unsuccessful people prefer to spend their major time to repeat their unproductive habit.

             If we see young people around 17-35 years old, they tend to follow the minor purpose and spend their major time to expand the sense of satisfaction, the reason why young people keep doing that habit because they consider the purpose of life is making fun with something they like it, not to prepare something they don't like it, as a result, the majority of people will repeat their busy time by doing satisfactory activity and they become poor man, remember this note; the life system is working as neutral, "when we do the destructive thing, we will reap the result like what we invest", "when we do the constructive thing, we will reap the result like what we invest", if you understand this advice, I hope you will not waste your time to repeat what you already know because future will give an answer for our next destiny, when we feel bad because we invest the bad thing in the past.

          If you want that your life will be treated as good as you desire it, you need to invest the benefit to this life as requirement, if you are willingly to accept the life challenge as new lesson, you will become the attractive person because you have created the valuable thing, remember; everyone is creating their future investment account, once they become poor because increasing their future investment account by running their unproductive habit and they don't have serious time

Happiness can’t be traveled because it’s spiritual experience

          Hi smart people, good day, today I would like to share about the happiness, this topic has intrigued the human’s attention because happiness is part of the meaningful story, but unfortunately happiness can’t be traveled on the next generation because the happiness is kind of the personal spiritual’s journey, if we don’t know how to make happiness, at least we will observe and learn from the people who can build their happiness, I give you the real example how to build happiness, here is the key phrase; "building a happiness is like building a house", means, if we don't focus how to build house, we can't build happiness on itif you delay to build a house and you don’t let it finished first, as a result, your happiness will come delay because your happiness foundation is not finished built yet, in my personal opinion; don’t receive more and give less, if we receive more than giving, we will educate our mind to be poor man, if you want to build happiness, you need to plan long time ago and try to commit with its consequences, remember this note; happiness is coming from the accumulation of someone's ability to solve problem and happy person considers a problem he has solved as new happiness, so we need to make good experience in order to attract the abundance of happiness. 

 Happiness can’t be traveled or being transferred from one person to another one because happiness is part of the personal’s responsibility level and there's the spiritual journey within responsibility, if you take higher responsibility, the more happiness will come to you a multiple, besides that, do what you love and love what you do is the essential of how to attract happiness, please remember that happiness can’t be waited but we must take action, if you wait someone or something to make you happier, your mind will be deceived by a fake pleasure, it’s frightening thing, all you need to do right now is building your house with your own games, if you do the activity where it can increase your spiritual experience, you must keep going to do, making the masterpiece is the evidence that someone keeps doing it although he has failed more than three times, that’s life game, if you can’t find your game, life will give you a frightening game which is pushing you harder to do it, so don't be shy or fear when you start something new, success doesn't need a perfect plan, but it needs commitment.

If you want to make other people get happy, provide the solution to them, not sharing your happiness experiences, don’t just give them some fishes for free, if you just give them some fishes, you create more poor mindset to the people who don't know how to fish, but if you provide solution such as teaching people how to fish on the lake or sea with safety method, means, you build happiness over their internal problem, starting from now; building your life with good foundation such as building solution, "the more problem you solve, the more problem will approach you, the less problem you solve, you will lack of self-esteem", so remember this note; you don’t have to be a wealthy to have a wealth plan, the rich mindset doesn’t teach how to make a wealth plan but the rich mindset will influence people to work how to make solution, not looking for problem, the more self-esteem you build, more happiness will be looking for you.

Mental incapacity

Dead fish always follows the flow of river

          Hi smart people, howdy? welcome back with me, Fian, hopefully you have the abundance of health, wealth and happiness, today I would like to share about the topic "mental incapacity", the main reason why I choose that topic because not many people are ready to endure suffering which is offered by life, if you ask me why many people aren't ready to adapt well with life's suffering because they train their habit like the dead fish's habit, maybe you ever hear about the metaphor “a dead fish always follows the flow of river”, the meaning of that metaphor; people who aren't interested to solve any problem in life, they behave like dead fish's habit and they spend their major time to follow the trend of problem without having anticipation how to counteract the problem impact, no wonder why many people's skill is obsolete because they just follow the flow of life's suffering, at this moment, I will give you the illustration about a fish's life, "a living fish always adapt with the flow of river and a living fish are not afraid with the flow of river because they believe with its fin's strength", it indicates that people who have ingenuity skill and unique skill, they can adapt with any situation even though there are many complex thing in life, e.g. disaster, economy disaster, dirty water or food crisis, people who have ingenuity skill and troubleshooting skill, their mental acumen can work well with unpleasant situation and eventually people can live a life as they want because they always challenge themselves to to adapt with problem in life without getting crushed with it, whereas, desperate people can't live a life as they want because they aren't interested to challenge their capacity to solve problem, remember; life is always demanding us to adapt with new situation and life is not caring whether we like it or not with life system, life is designed to offer a sense of suffering, if we can adapt with suffering, it indicates, we are living like a living fish which possesses the unique ability and high mental acumen. 

If you see people who try to commit suicide, it indicates they can't adapt well with new situation, the reason why they can't adapt because they have mental incapacity, in order to remove mental incapacity, the first thing we can do is leaving comfort zone and transforming their habit into the learning zone, if you ask me why many people can't survive in the learning zone because their mental is crushed with the problem or the failure they faced until people get perplexed or depressed, besides that, people who are living in the learning zone, their mental is forced to taste pain for several years, remember; mental incapacity is not caused by lacking of money, but it is caused by ego,  mental incapacity is always motivated by ego, the only way how to crush ego is embracing problem and adapting with it for several years until we no longer feel the same suffering, here is the lesson we can get from a living fish which swims in the river, He can adapt well even though the water is dirty or contaminated by the rubbish, a living fish can tolerate any environment by keep swimming, it is the same thing with entrepreneur's life, I believe every entrepreneur is not happy at the first journey because they will be faced with many obstacles, the biggest obstacles where entrepreneurs have is fixed mindset, if entrepreneurs can develop fixed mindset until it turns into growth mindset, finally they will live a life as they desire because they can remove obstacles by embracing many suffering test in life, I think my explanation is enough, hopefully this information can give you a new insight how to improve your life, good luck.