A fish with his mouth closed, it never gets caught

Dead fish always follows the flow of river and it never catches the human's bait

          Hi smart people, good day, today I would like to share about the metaphor “a fish with his mouth closed, it never gets caught”, the meaning of it; when we can't provide a good bait, fish will not open its mouth, the same thing when we will try to get chance, no matter how tough we attempt, when the chance is not yet coming, we will be asked to try again, I just remind you that please don't try to underestimate about big chance or small chance because not all the time we can catch it, at this moment, I will give you the illustration about a fish's life, "fish always eats the most attractive bait" and "fish doesn't want to swim with the big flow of the river", that's big clue how to make a bait, now fish is represented by a chance and bait is represented by hard workingin the reality of life, sometimes we can’t make dealt with new chance because our mind is drowned by our achievement and we are so proud with it, as a result we don't focus to practice our craft, finally we can't get a new chance because our skills can't fulfill the requirement, in my personal note; fulfilling the requirement is the most important than relying on our achievement in the past.

A living chance is like a living fish, it always swims to the opposite direction from the big flow of the river, sometimes human need to follow the living fish's principle if we want to keep alive, then we must be ready to face the big problem if we want to get reward, don't let problem comes first, then we will change our direction, it's too late, we must keep practice, do self-improvement before problem is coming, please don’t waste our time to wait for new chance because chance is more superior than the human’s capacity, here is my daily note; every chance is designed to tell us that our performance standard need to be upgraded, not to make us weaker, the more we approach a clear goal, the more efficient what we do at our activity, good life is not coming from how much benefit we can receive, but how much the problem we have finished, if we are not interested to solve problem, at least we don’t invite new disaster to come in our lives, now I understand why so many people are not willingly to recognize with new environment, new social circle, new neighborhood, new habit because they can’t adapt with new chance, as a result, they keep going to follow the flow of the river, like the dead fish.
use the good bait to catch fishes's big attention

Life is too short to wait for the help, my advice is don’t wish for taking easier responsibility because our mental age can’t grow up and we can’t create better future, don’t be so proud by not making progress because our lives keep moving forward, when we can’t better decision, this life will make recession to our career, finally we always receive a bad luck from our most days, here is for my daily note; receiving is automatic habit, whereas the act of giving is our choice, when we can’t receive better reward from this life because we don’t want to be a good giverwherever our position is at unknown place by chance, we must adapt with new challenge, if we don't want to receive with small reward scale, we need to give more in order to attract big reward scale.