Action opens the door, consistency keeps it open

          Hi smart people, good day, today I would like to share about how to make consistent habit, the main reason why I choose that topic because not all people believe that having consistent habit can help them to promote their dream to the reality life, besides that relying an action is not enough to accelerate the progress because one act will be stuck in one journey when it will meet with new problem, remember; every action will not run maximally without attaching the mental development program from the human resourcefulness, such as the consistent habit, enthusiasm, strong passion and discipline, besides that, human need to train their mindset first in several years with making the productive mistakes and embrace the self-development program before they prepare for the physical skill, that's the key, if you have similar problem like the example above mentioned, "don't try to change the circumstance first, but change your mindset first, if you can't handle your mindset problem, the more circumstance will burden your mental strength", that's the game of life.

          Every human doesn’t have any right to determine about the end result because there is boundary between the human's right and Almighty God's rightwhen there is someone who can't achieve his goal, it's not means he is failed, but his attempt still on the progress, when he is creating a momentum and progress, on the other side his dream is approaching him, at critical phase, we must be patience by exploring the valuable information to prolong our mental endurance and keep monitoring the working progress until the result comes in the right time, remember this quote; outcome doesn't happen by power of hope, but outcome is determined by relentless attempt and unwavering faith, please don't waste your time will count your waiting act, but enjoying your working progress until the result will show themselves, if you insist to manifest what you want is happening in the reality, you must do something until Almighty God grants you with the privilege to access unbelievable result, here is special note; all dreams look impossible, but when you make approach, it will change into possible thing, the great key success; "don't chase the result, but chase the possibility to succeed".

          When we can’t control what we think, we can’t control what we do, before you create the consistent habit, make sure your purpose has connected with the right track, means, you create the evolution and your masterpiece will bring a good influence to other people who may don't know about your reputation, pursue the act of consistency will open new possibility to succeed and it will reinforce our habit to make different living, when you want to manifest what you desire into reality, you must change the word "I want to manifest what i desire" to become, "I demand myself to finish what I start", when you have a good philosophy such thing, your opportunity keeps opening, and you will stay optimistic, here is for your note; act of consistency comes from someone who is taking greater responsibility rather than common people's standard, here is good news; the more you take responsibility, the more problem will come, the more you can handle the problem, the more fortune will come unexpected.