Be empty of worrying

            Hi smart people, good day, isn’t it? Today I would like to share about how to drain our emotion from worrying, the main reason why I choose that topic because worrying is the part of mental disease where it can gnaw human’s consciousness on purposely, sense of worrying appears when our mental strength has never been taught to face adversity in every day, now i will give you several clues how to empty our emotion from worry, the first thing we should do if we want to empty our emotion from worrying; don't invest your major time for taking small pleasure in short term periodthe reason why we should avoid our sense of pleasure in short term period because every pleasure can produce small concern and fear if we don't pay attention for it, if this habit keeps growing up, small concern becomes big concern and it will take our major focus and our consciousness, as result, our focus can’t produce an idea because our mind is filled with big concern and sense of worrying.

 I observe many people consider sense of worrying is part of nature and it is part of normal condition, but in my personal opinion; it’s an opposite, worrying is not part of nature, but it’s part of mental disease where it can offers desperation if we let the habit is growing, that’s the negative effect we will receive if we don’t practice our emotion to focus on the higher purpose, remember this note; don’t focus on the short term target or your mind will be tangled with sense of worrying, the main reason why I say such thing because sense of worrying will put the mental destruction on your consciousness, in addition, sense of worrying will rummage our brain memory from inside if we don't fill our days with positive attitude or the development program.

Maybe you will think “how can my sense of worrying will trick my emotion and my mental strength? The answer is simple, because you are too obsessed about your past, so your power of consciousness is declining, but if you make long term target, you indirectly have stretched out your power of focus into biggest focus, as result, your days will not be useless because you fill the days with the greatest investment, and your investment will help you to grow your career when you don’t interrupt its growing time, but when you just focus on the short term target in your life, your life will feel bored because you have no vision to do what you can do in your future, as result, you always repeat what your standard can do and your destiny is stuck in your memory, finally you will stay with gloomy days and you stay together with fear and worry.

Here is my daily note; we can empty our mind from worry if we don't procrastinate to do something significant, the more we procrastinate to the important thing, the more enthusiasm will be gnawed by sense of worrying, that's law, we must create the big purpose if we don’t want our time will be filled with sense of worrying, in my personal advice; don’t invest your major time by doing something that your standard can’t evolve, if you keep doing it, you can’t make a better future because you don’t have any higher standard to be offered to the market place, starting today, please empty your sense of worrying by doing something ahead in the long term target, at least 5 years later, after you have accomplished it, celebrate your progress and you can find another passion to increase your next ability level.