Consistency is more than perfection

          Hi smart people, good day, today I would like to share how to make the consistent habit during undergoing the unpleasant situation in this life, the main reason why I choose that topic because there is something valuable information I will tell you about the benefit of consistency, as we know that act of consistency is one of the highest habit level which is loved by Almighty God because this kind of habit can be used to knock Almighty God’s heart, there is no meaningful success in this world when there is nobody will enjoy his own life journey, remember this note; it doesn’t matter whether you start earlier or later, if you don’t commit to the consistent process, you will lose by your desire powerthe consistency is the only way how to keep opening the door of opportunity although you haven’t guarded that door at every moment, if we don’t want to keep consistent on the clear purpose, we will lose our vision about our purpose ahead, that’s the lawhere is the major cause why we can’t reach our target; we have the perfectionism standard, lack of consistency and we have many goals, when we apply that kind of belief into daily life, we will lose the sense of enthusiasm because unwittingly we underestimate a small chance which may help us to reach the target, that’s the frightening thing.

In my opinioneverybody has sense of perfection in their idealism, but don’t let our idealism will preempt new opportunity which may give an answer for our problem because it will devalue the power of opportunity itself, if we behold to the positive side of the sense of perfection; we can use our sense of perfection to monitor our best performance to the specific field we want to get in, but if we behold to the negative side of the sense of perfection; the perfectionism believer will not receive a new idealism easily from the other people or the unknown reference although the information gives the true information, here is the philosophy you may need it, "the sense of perfection is like someone is running in the treadmill machine, he is doing something consistently, but unfortunately he puts his satisfaction to the unpromising scope, so he plans to fail"we will not lose any opportunity if we keep consistency how to discover it, but the problem is “not all opportunities can be approached to any person because every opportunity just welcomes any person whose a ready made product”, besides having a consistent habit, we also need sense of enthusiasm and reward to attract our sense of urgency, if we lack the sense of urgency, finally we will produce unproductive habit.

When I review about the perfectionist’s habit, he can’t recognize self-worth because he uses their major time to focus on the wrong direction, means “the perfectionist focuses how to access the perfection value”, but he is not focusing “how to keep on the consistency value”, here are the good news if you start to apply the sense of consistency into your daily activity, the first benefit; you will never get failure, except your mental age is going to be mature, invincible and stronger, the second benefit; the universe will lend its energy to help you to access the power of imagination, the third benefit; you will never touch with doubt, fear or the negative feeling.