Do what others won’t do today, tomorrow you can do what others can’t

          Hi smart people, good day, today I would like to share how to do what others won't do today, tomorrow you can do what others can't, the meaning of that statement; if you challenge yourself to do something extraordinary thing and focus how to invest your major time to create masterpiece, you will become the master of solution, I have reviewed that the majority of people can’t do something at the present time because they underestimate the importance of the time value by saying "I don't have much time", in fact the problem is not coming from the time, but lack of consciousness about the time value is the source of problem, when time is gone, we are no longer lived on earth, please ponder it for moment, time is the biggest investment which is provided by God to fill in the days with good investment, we need to make time investment first rather than doing something to get money, such as reading book for enriching self-knowledge, doing good deeds for our own future, provide a better life for others to build the social intelligence, that's the crucial decision.

         The major reason why the majority of people prefer to underestimate the time value because they think sense of pleasure is more important than time value, furthermore people think the sense of pleasure can be repeated in the future, I don't object this option if we just use our casual time 20%, but don't use when we have serious time 80%, life is too serious, if we want to have a safety economy in the future, we need to forget our achievement in the past and start to learn again until our talents are ready to accept the life examination, don't let our talents are not ready because we will be forced by this life to repeat the same lesson where we have neglected in the past, maybe you will think facing the life examination is not easy, yes I agree, because life is not kind of the safety place for us forever, we don't have much time to make a casual time more than 50% from our 24 hours, remember this note; this life system is not designed to serve what we need, but life is designed to give rewards to people who build a good preparation in long time ago, means, if we don't prepare something good in the past, we will arrive to the regret stadium in the future because we have booked the failure seat for the future match, remember this notethere is no lesson will be worth rather than accepting the lesson of failure experience because it's better than regret, when you are regretting something, it can't be learned from the positive mindset, but when you have a failure experience, you have built the strongest empire in your mentality

          If you really love about your life, don't hurt your mind by absorbing the past memory even though it had special memory, you must keep going forward because time keeps moving forward too, you need to plan what kind of skill you want to learn in the long term plan, if you keep doing this, I can tell you that your life design will be not the same again because you break your sense of pleasure and you break your limitation, if you have target around 5-10 years later and you are committed yourself on it, you must keep doing it until the world wide will say such thing " you are the one we have been looking for", here is my advice to you if you confuse about picking up the career in your life; the first thing you must do is find your game, match it with your own interest and make sure there is nobody will do such what you do at present time until 10 years later, that's best investment, if you think you are living in this world within 24 hour only, your mental age will be so wise and dignity, make sure every day you left the masterpiece or good legacy, then don’t let your serious time will be interrupted by other people.

          The biggest risk in this life when we don’t want to know how to learn about the time characteristic, the time value will give you a big reward in the future if you really appreciate every 24 hours existence by doing some productive research and ignore self-satisfaction, time will give you a regret if you deliberately reject a chance from life challenge or new offering and time can give you the sense of boring if you just watch the clock you have waited, if you really concern about your life, you must designate your time by making a note list where it contains about the unproductive activity or the unproductive habit, then don't do the activity what you write down on the list, after that you start to focus towards one big thing that you want to finish within 24 hour.


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