Don’t stop dreaming unless you want to have recurring nightmare

          Hi smart people, good day, today I would like to share how to keep fighting to your dream until you will arrive at the destination of your dream, the main purpose why I choose that topic because I want to convince you that dream is not fantasy, it's real, in this century not everyone believe about their dream because they think there is no easy route how to transform their dream from the imagination world to the reality world, in fact, every faithful dream can attract the law of attraction from the universe, now the question is "are you believer or disbeliever?", if you believe your dream that it can come true, you will see opportunity to work on it, but if you don’t believe that your dream can come true, you only see the obstacles which it’s dangled into your imagination, as a result, your mind will produce recurring nightmare, basically there is no nightmare will happen into the reality world unless you use your power of belief to implement it into your life, now the main cause why people stop dreaming because they lack of self-esteem and lack of preparation, remember this note; the nightmare is not something you need to fear, but the nightmare is product of your learning process in the middle of your life journey, the nightmare is the sign that you need to improve your commitment and your feasibility plan.

Don’t be afraid about your nightmare because that’s part of illusion, if you don’t fight what do you want, your life will make you love what you lost, finally you will regret about it, recently I am interested to see about majority problem which may come to adult people, my curiosity has intrigued me to investigate why so many people are failed during running their business or career, whereas they are working hard about it, now I know the answer why they still failed because they lack of feasibility study, if you know how to utilize the power of dream, its power can create a multiple of idea and self-motivation for you, remember this note; you won’t be alone in this world as long as you keep your dream alive, if you believe about your dream, you will find a way although it seems impossible, to make reasonable attempt, you only need to use major time to practice and stop hearing the small mind which persuades you to stop practicing, I know the big thing takes time to grow, but when you decide to practice your major skill continuously, means, you are in the right track, sometimes you need to ignore the small concern which can interrupt your concentration level, also you need to stay away from the pollutant zone which may come from your surrounding area pollution, such as cellphone, television, crowded people, internet cable, WIFI, radio, music, etc.

If you can’t control your big mind, your small mind will give you unclear picture about your dream, that's law, sometimes you need to hack your paradigm and stop producing the small concern which may fill in your brain memory, such as anxiety, doubt, fear, negativity, etcif you really want to make your dream alive, please be oriented result and focus on the process, if you don’t believe about your dream, who else will take place of your dream? Without dreaming, our purpose of life will be meaningless and boring, if you take your dream now, you will not live casually because you are really urged to implement it, such as making the blueprint for your dream, monitoring the daily target, finding teamwork, etc.


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