Don’t wait for the right time, let the right time creates fortune

          Hi smart people, good day, isn’t it? Today I would like to share about how to create an extraordinary life by not waiting for the right time, the main purpose why I choose that topic because most people are spending their major time to ignore the opportunity to study more and they hope that they can get fortune in the right time, in my personal opinion; waiting for the right time is the futile attempt and bad option, no matter how hard you try to wait, the right time will never come, instead your mind will be swindled with sense of worrying and your life design has never satisfied you at anytime, I don’t prohibit you to make a higher expectation in the right time, but if you just spend your time to plan and you are not committed with it, your plan is futile and you will be left by your fortune’s season, remember this philosophy; time has never compromise with excuse, time only gives you with two option; whether you stay committed or you neglect it, so don't demand a life circumstance to treat you well before you demand yourself to build good circumstance foundation first, that's law.

         The reason why you need to build a strong foundation in your mental age because life's reward is bigger than your imagination, if you don't have enough mental strength to receive the big reward from life, as result, you always receive less from what you have done in this life and you stay poor, in my personal advice; don't get bored to practice your inborn ability because your practicing result will attract new reward from unexpected way, please remember this philosophy; "if you want to be treated as very important person, you need to fill your major time by having the universe's characteristic", such as stay commitment, time discipline, determination, stay evolving, ubiquitous and a good giver, here is I give you the real example for a better understanding, please look at oxygen's characteristic, you can write down your destiny by demanding yourself to do something what your standard can do and stop expecting the reward because reward is not part of the human’s responsibility, but it is part of Almighty God’s.

          In this life there is no difference between good time or bad time, there is only human’s decision, good time can become bad time if we use our major time to repeat what we always can do, the bad time can become good time if we always do self-introspection, stay open minded and being lifetime learner, no matter how long it takes, the quality of your life comes from the result of the quality of your emotion, if you want to change your destiny, change your philosophy first, then you change your standard of lifestyle, standard of knowledge and standard of attitude, here is my personal note; every human need to race with future time if they want to make extraordinary life because that's requirement, here is new philosophy you need to ponder; if you act after the tomorrow's time is coming, you will fail and you won't get new chance, if you act before tomorrow's time is coming, the catastrophe will not develop because you already prevent it earlier with your mental strength.

Starting from now, don’t expect higher expectation first, but do something that make you produce the good feeling every single day although your position is at difficult circumstance, before you make new decision, you must ensure every decision you make can teach you how to increase your mental agefortune will grow when you demand yourself how to do more rather than what you can receive, remember this note; life is not designed to give what we need or what we want, but life is designed to give what we deserve, life is not talking about the shortcut on the process, but life is talking about accumulation of the process, when the accumulation of the process is completed, you can gain the fortune at the right timethe more you learn new thing, the more you don't see the difficult process because you always demand yourself to learn more, Almighty God knows about the exact time to give you reward, so don't worry about that, the unexpected reward comes after you have invested the discipline, courage and commitment in your major time.


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