Forget the mistake, remember the lesson

          Hi smart people, good day, today I would like to share about how to accept about lesson and how to forget mistake, the meaning of that statement, when we got mistake in the past, don’t let it make you feel down because not every mistake is defining your weakness, sometimes every mistake is designed to enrich your life experience, I remembered when I was child, I had learned many mistakes and I still didn't get clear how to take a lesson behind it, at that time I tried to keep memorizing the lesson until I had found by favorite compulsory subject, that’s I call it as God’s plan, if I didn’t take mistake, maybe I will be blamed with tons of mistakes by others people who don't know me well.

        Here is the key phrase; “human will never accept lesson until God insists to put human to the adversity and teaching human how to change mistake to be a blessing in disguise”, remember this note; “we will not die because of mistake’s existence, making a new mistake doesn’t mean we commit to sin”, we must be wise about the purpose of making mistake, be relax when we face a mistake, that's part of growing process, we should be worrying when we don’t make any mistake because we will be charged with tons of mistake if we don’t take any lesson from the mistake, that’s the consequences to punish the desperate people, here is my daily note; we are born on earth to learn the lesson and undergo the life examination, not to fulfilling our sense of pleasure.

          Undergoing the life examination is too important in this life, we can’t escape from that examination until the time will do the termination process, if we try to escape from the life lesson, we will be forced by God to relearn again until we understand the purpose of lesson, here are the purpose of the life lesson; we can minimize to repeat the unproductive habit and we start to do more productivity, such as exploring our natural skill, having a relentless drive to pursue the clear goal, create productive mistakes such as learning how to stay in business, spot an opportunity, how to build a good rapport with others, learn from failure, willingly to recognize the sign of God's existence etc. Remember this note; don’t spend your time to wait a help when you want to know how to solve your problem, besides that, time will control your own plan if you don't have any plan to control your time, here is my special note; don't think you are alone when you create new mistake because your mistake will increase your potential growth rather than someone who isn't trying yet towards what you do now.

You don’t need to copy someone else’s success method or making the success model when you want to succeed to any fields area you want to come with it, you only need to learn by becoming a good listener, empowering your daily habit with new knowledge every day, that’s the idea model, don't let we fail how to detect about external problem and internal problem, if it's happening, we can’t execute the next life plan, we only live one time in this life, there is no reincarnation, when we don't maximize the power of curiosity, we can't discover God's riddle, we must use our time so wisely because time is the only biggest investment that God gives it to human beingwhen we don't have one second, we will lose our lives forever, as long as we are still breathing it, we must use the major time to discover our unique skills and how we can access our super conscious mind by finding God's wisdom, when we fill our lives with God's wisdom, it will increase our soul serenity and God will make you forget about mistakes you have been through it.