Happiness can’t be traveled because it’s spiritual experience

          Hi smart people, good day, today I would like to share about the happiness, this topic has intrigued the human’s attention because happiness is part of the meaningful story, but unfortunately happiness can’t be traveled on the next generation because the happiness is kind of the personal spiritual’s journey, if we don’t know how to make happiness, at least we will observe and learn from the people who can build their happiness, I give you the real example how to build happiness, here is the key phrase; "building a happiness is like building a house", means, if we don't focus how to build house, we can't build happiness on itif you delay to build a house and you don’t let it finished first, as a result, your happiness will come delay because your happiness foundation is not finished built yet, in my personal opinion; don’t receive more and give less, if we receive more than giving, we will educate our mind to be poor man, if you want to build happiness, you need to plan long time ago and try to commit with its consequences, remember this note; happiness is coming from the accumulation of someone's ability to solve problem and happy person considers a problem he has solved as new happiness, so we need to make good experience in order to attract the abundance of happiness. 

 Happiness can’t be traveled or being transferred from one person to another one because happiness is part of the personal’s responsibility level and there's the spiritual journey within responsibility, if you take higher responsibility, the more happiness will come to you a multiple, besides that, do what you love and love what you do is the essential of how to attract happiness, please remember that happiness can’t be waited but we must take action, if you wait someone or something to make you happier, your mind will be deceived by a fake pleasure, it’s frightening thing, all you need to do right now is building your house with your own games, if you do the activity where it can increase your spiritual experience, you must keep going to do, making the masterpiece is the evidence that someone keeps doing it although he has failed more than three times, that’s life game, if you can’t find your game, life will give you a frightening game which is pushing you harder to do it, so don't be shy or fear when you start something new, success doesn't need a perfect plan, but it needs commitment.

If you want to make other people get happy, provide the solution to them, not sharing your happiness experiences, don’t just give them some fishes for free, if you just give them some fishes, you create more poor mindset to the people who don't know how to fish, but if you provide solution such as teaching people how to fish on the lake or sea with safety method, means, you build happiness over their internal problem, starting from now; building your life with good foundation such as building solution, "the more problem you solve, the more problem will approach you, the less problem you solve, you will lack of self-esteem", so remember this note; you don’t have to be a wealthy to have a wealth plan, the rich mindset doesn’t teach how to make a wealth plan but the rich mindset will influence people to work how to make solution, not looking for problem, the more self-esteem you build, more happiness will be looking for you.

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