How to be a good listener

          Hi smart people, good day, today I would like to share how to be a good listener, the main purpose why I choose that topic because not everyone wants to listen an advice from other people because some of them think that they are self-righteousness, a bad listener always rejects to the truth, reject the advice from other people and not interested about future, now i will share several points how to be good listener, the first requirement how to be a good listener is having an empathy, this kind of ability is very important because we will feel connected with other people’s experience, "we will see what other people can see, we will listen what other people can't listen, we will feel what other people can't feel", showing an empathy can create new harmony and new serenity, when other people will get condition, they will welcome us without any complaining and when we are not around them, other people will seek us, the second requirement how to be a good listener is "showing the respectfulness to other people's principle", not trying to surpass their knowledge and don't start your topic when other people are not interested about it, the third requirement how to be a good listener is "being a good giver and being a good observer", showing your best performance when other people is showing their problem, when you have this habit, you will be known as a trustworthy person.
a good listener is having trustworthy characteristic

A good listener’s habit has same equals with a good giver’s habit, both are part of good habit because they are not having selfish characteristic, the main reason why I say such thing because a good listener has a free time to research about the human’s problem and he will try to give a good service to other people although other people are not necessarily able to pay him well, the main reason why a good listener keeps doing that habit because he considers the other people’s bad experience can become a new lesson for a good listener, in the future he is not necessarily to repeat the same problem like what other people did in the past because a good listener has collected the supply of solution, a good listener always have a good plan ahead because he knows reality is not always serving a good result, a good listener spends their major time to learn because he thinks his masterpiece will be expected by other people.

        The fourth requirement how to become a good listener is "not showing your weaknesses to other people", means whatever he has many problems, he will not beg the emergency help, he will stay trust about the gift that Almighty God gave him, and he keeps humility to prepare a best performance, best action and not complaining about failure, a good listener is having book reading habit and having strong curious how to find the valuable information which may guide him how to solve as many as problem he will meet because he considers every people's problem can become "attractiveness of conversation", here is my daily note that you may need it; when you commit how to become a good listener, your existence will be the same like the sage person's destiny in the old century, you will be needed, you will be wanted and you will feel being loved.

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