How to focus on the goal, not to become a success model

        Hi smart people, good day, today I would like to share how to focus on the goal, not to become a success model, the main reason why I choose that topic because many adult people try to become a success model, but in their end of life they still can't get what they really want, maybe you will ask about the main problem why adult people still failed to become a success model because they wait for getting the compliment or achievement from other people, in my opinion; don't try to become a man of success, but try to become a man of value, if you acknowledge yourself as a success model, your life journey is like a mannequin's living, every day a mannequin isn't happy before it's  getting a compliment or achievement from other people, so in the end of the day a mannequin still can't help other people's problem because it's thinking about how to become a success model, but if you intend to become a man of value, your masterpiece can bring the benefit for other people because it can solve other people's problem, that's difference.

         Most people forget that the real success model is coming from the universe, there is nothing meaningful success if we don't use it's principle as a success model, we need to learn how to apply the universe’s law into our daily life, the universe’s law is kind of best partner you can rely on, it never break the promises, it never tell a lie and the universe’s law will work for us when we attract it’s attention by having a a clear goal, in my opinion; focus on one goal is the fundamental education how to attract the universe’s power, so we don’t need to execute about the end result, we only need to practice our craft with few small discipline every day until we can handle more challenge, remember this note; result is not part of end challenge, but it’s part of next challenge, we don’t know when we really accept the reward from God, we are just demanded by God how to make some good investments in this life and we cultivate our habits with discipline, consistency, courage, commitment and stay trust with divine’s timing.
boost your goal with discipline mind

          Remember this note; as human being, we are not entitled to become a success model like the universe because we are out of its capacity, we just need to make a plan, execute our plan to the reality, monitor the progress, make new record, promote our product knowledge to other people and face the reality when we get failed, when we don’t focus on the clear goal, we will plan to fail in the future, it’s part of the law of cause and effect, make the clearest goal is part of self-maturity process because it can guide us how to monitor it's progress, unfortunately not everyone has a plan how to make the goal is clear, that's why most people failedthe big result will come when we detach ourselves from the outcome, the main reason why we need to bigger focus on the process rather than focus on the end result because it can help us how to finish the part of goal, so don't think about result because it is part of God’s responsibility,  if we just focus on the outcome, as a result we will get more disappointment because we are impatience how to enjoy our chosen journey.

          When we focus on the clear goal, we act like sniper who is hunting the animal from the farthest distance, in the reality life, sometimes we need to hide from the crowded people, we need to forget our past memory, and we need to forget about small concern until we can create bigger focus and get the clear target, if you want to make extraordinary life in the future, be like a sniper, focus on your clear goal, enjoy the process, forget about your failure and monitor your own progress, when you reach your goal, celebrate with reward, but when you don’t reach your goal, celebrate with wise attitude and try again until God says "your attempt is enough, let me finish the end process and I will give you the reward".


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