How to love the life journey more than result

          Hi smart people, good day, today I would like to share about how to love the life journey more than result, the main purpose why I choose that topic because many people don't love their life journey, in the daily life they prefer to spend their major time to idle away to any random places rather than learned something valuable, so they can't become a better next person in the future, the major cause why many people have lost their great chance in the adult age because in the young age they demand the result more often rather than demand themselves to finish what they start, this is generation problem has been recurred almost every day, at this moment I would share the way how to love your life although you need to resist what your mind desires, the first step you need to do if you want your life loves you is designing your own life plan and you commit with it, please make sure only you can take higher responsibility and make sure only you can do it, after that you need to explore what you need to know and research the valuable information you need to learn, such as seeking the valuable information how to solve your internal problem, how to make a good rapport with clients, etc. 

The second step you need to do if you want your life loves you is learning deeply how to use about the character of time, health and wealth; please remember that time, health and wealth are neutral, they will give you more benefit if you give more benefit, they will give less if you give less, if you take care of it, they will take care of your future, if you prioritize them by filling your most days with a good habit, they are going to manifest what your desires into reality life, that's the natural law, there is no miscalculation if you do business with Almighty God, all you need to do is stay obeying with the natural law like I mentioned above, this life will love you if you love what your own life design, here is my additional note; (don't try to kid your own inner heart), if you try to kid anybody else with your bullshit story, life will not give you a guarantee for your success time, if you wait the result only, time will wait your attempt, if you keep doing that habit repeatedly, you are risking your own life to the dangerous life.

The next plan you need to do if you want your life loves you is making a list before you start something, the main reason why you need to make a list, it will train your commitment, if you prioritize the activity list, you will make efficient effort within your time because you have fulfilled what you start till the end, here is my daily note; don't start when you can't finish and finish what you start, if you can't start something you have never done, you haven't deserved to get you have never had, I hope you will not run your days for meaningless purpose, this life is not our home, but it's arena to proceed our destiny to the next life.


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