How to make our vision is clear

          Hi smart people, good day, isn’t it? Today I would like to share about how to make our vision is clear, the main purpose why I choose that topic above because not everyone can't activate their power of vision, the main cause why not everyone can't activate their vision because their mindset are fulfilled with sense of pleasure and comfort zone, as result people can't reach their deepest potential, maybe you will ask me about the benefit of the power of vision, here is the first benefit; your vision can empower your focus, increase your productivity and your concentration level, here is the second benefit; you will not feel the sense of worrying because your vision can build the constructive mindset, here is the third benefit; your vision will help you how to clear your doubt, clear your mind from the negativity's effect, grow your inborn skill, etc.

         In the modern age, vision can be represented as feeling of excitement about your activity, if you want to meet with your power of vision, you need to apply discipline and do the daily ritual which can connect between your interesting skill and your emotional intelligence, if you don't like about your activity, your mind will attract the negativity as consequence, in daily life, we shouldn’t stay away from our power of vision because its power can create self-esteem, here is my daily note; without power of vision, we can't create any progress at the specific scope area that we have chosen, at this moment I would share about some points we need to obey if we want to make our vision is clear, the first point; we need to integrate between our major skill, daily habit, major focus and major time to become the standard of lifestyle, we can call it as artificial life, we can’t reject our vision if we want to make better life, the main reason why i say such thing because vision can guide you how to approach new hope.

 Here is the second point how to make our vision is clear; we need to make progress from what we do within our daily activity, we call it as artificial emergency, remember this note; we can’t make clearer vision if we fill in our days with sense of worrying, waiting a high expectation, and do procrastination, so we must get rid of the small concern where it has potential to block our vision to make idea, at this phase, we need to beware about the activity what we do because not all regular activity can accelerate your vision, here is the clue; the biggest vision can be born when we keep cultivating our focus with discipline mind and stop doing something where it can immobilize our consciousness from major time, here is the philosophy you need to obey if you want your vision is working at maximum level; as long as you are alive, don’t consider hard work as your burden but let it become your lifestylehere are the good news if you are type of hard working man; the first benefit; you will not feel worry about future because you already prepared long time ago, the second benefit; you will not feel stress when you face the adversity because you keep increasing your mental strength in every day, the third benefit; you will not feel bored about what you do because your power of vision grows your ability.

  The power of vision can’t be run continuously unless we cultivate it with daily ritual and practice, besides that we need to decrease the  kind of activity where it can encumber your progress, if you can use your major time wisely, you will sleep tightly and you will not feel worry because you already invest your attempt to the universe, I hope you always increase your mental strength before the life crisis or the worse circumstance is coming, the more you use your mental strength, the stronger it will be, don’t let your vision will be blocked with your sense of pleasure or sense of worrying, unless you want to make poor living, the power of vision will work at maximum level if you are lifetime learner, here is my special note; if you work hard for the minor purpose, you will get minor feedback, but if you work hard for the major purpose, you will get the fortune.


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