If they need you temporary, ignore them permanently

          Hi smart people, good day, today I would like to share about how to ignore the temporary resources and embrace the permanent resources, the main reason why we need to ignore the temporary resource because it can't elevate our spiritual experience where it can help us to connect with the universe's law, besides that the temporary resources always offers the comfort zone, it will distract our focus until we forget how to build the permanent resources, the temporary resources usually can’t run in the long lasting journey because they are designed to make you feel discomfort in the long period of time, so "if you want to make a better life, give something valuable what your desire rejects it, brave to embrace the difficult thing, don't do something easily and don’t trust with temporary resources because it can’t give you the magnificent life in the long term journey", in my personal opinion; don’t invest your major time to do something for fulfilling your temporary comfort because it will decrease your staying power, you need to keep your distance away with something that can distract your long lasting happiness, that’s life’s tough challenge.

Here are the example of the temporary resources in the daily life; someone uses his major time to stick together with the unproductive people, holding the weekly party or monthly party with friends, playing the online games, watching TV more than one hour, listening the music more than one hour, watching the cinema every week, etc. here is for your note; if you can't ignore the offering from the temporary resources, you will be ignored by the permanent resources in the future, as a result, you can’t focus to complete something important in your most day, please remember that your habit will determine your future's life whether you will be living poor or living wealthy, here is my daily note; the future's time can't be waited by our present time because future is showing the destination, not progress, if we procrastinate finishing the most important thing at present time, as consequence, our future will not give us a better place because our potential is failed to grow.
Ignore unproductive people and make big attention by your achievement 

 Here are the example of the permanent resources you need to embrace in the daily life; reading book, attending the seminar program, you make a list first before you start something, you invest your major time to make some research in order to face the upcoming serious problem, Remember this philosophy; "the more you urge yourself to do something difficult at present time, the more wisdom you will collect in the future and the more wisdom you increase, the more wealth will be forced to come to you", so if you invest your major time to do something for getting the permanent resources, you will be chased by the unexpected wealth from anywhere place, that’s life challenge, here is my last note; when you ignore the subject which can interrupt your study, you always be given more chance to study, and study is the part of universe's activity, when you can unite your skill with universe's vibration, you will see problem as opportunity because your mind is more powerful than problem.


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