If you are not serious to your life, time will not get serious to work for you

Serious time is reasonable time to explore your life purpose

          Hi smart people, good day, today I would like to share how to manage our serious time, the main purpose why I choose that topic above because not everyone wants to invest their major time to serious time, the word "serious time" means, time to explore the information how to fulfill what the soul wants, as we know that everybody has amount of time, 24 hour, but not everyone wants to invest more than 50% time of 24 hours to dig a serious time; as a result, they worship to the worldly stuff and they do not to focus how to solve internal problem, such as something makes someone get worried or something which can increase someone's fearfulness, here is the clue to live peacefully on earth; "the most important thing in this life is not how long you live on earth, but how importance your existence in the eye of God at the restricted time", remember; if you commit that you can make serious time more than 50% of your 24 hour, you will become a sage person, but if you spend your serious time less than 50% of your 24 hour, you always become a mischief-making.

            The main reason why we must have serious time because time will offer us two option; take a risk or take a regret, if we don’t have serious time during 24 hours, we will plan to build the circle of hell in the future, before it will happen in our present time, at least we must recover our inner pain and start to think about how to invest our time to prioritize the most influence factor where it can prolong human necessity in the future's time, such as knowledge, the spiritual experience, economy safety, and healthy mind, here is for your note; the sage person always spends 60% serious time among 24 hours, 40% casual time, means; 14 hours to invest the basic daily necessity, 9 hour to make a casual time, please don't try to change the time management, here is my daily note; the difference between successful people and unsuccessful people can be reviewed from their time managementthe successful people prefer to invest their time by doing the productivity, whereas the unsuccessful people prefer to spend their major time to repeat their unproductive habit.

             If we see young people around 17-35 years old, they tend to follow the minor purpose and spend their major time to expand the sense of satisfaction, the reason why young people keep doing that habit because they consider the purpose of life is making fun with something they like it, not to prepare something they don't like it, as a result, the majority of people will repeat their busy time by doing satisfactory activity and they become poor man, remember this note; the life system is working as neutral, "when we do the destructive thing, we will reap the result like what we invest", "when we do the constructive thing, we will reap the result like what we invest", if you understand this advice, I hope you will not waste your time to repeat what you already know because future will give an answer for our next destiny, when we feel bad because we invest the bad thing in the past.

          If you want that your life will be treated as good as you desire it, you need to invest the benefit to this life as requirement, if you are willingly to accept the life challenge as new lesson, you will become the attractive person because you have created the valuable thing, remember; everyone is creating their future investment account, once they become poor because increasing their future investment account by running their unproductive habit and they don't have serious time