If you have much, give of your wealth, if you have little, give of your heart

         Hi smart people, good day, today I would like to share about how to make balance of our life journey, the main purpose why I choose that topic because the power of giving can put you through with the universe's law, at this 21st century, many people consider wealth can be collected by running the business, but in my personal opinion; the wealth is coming from the individual person who has the qualified mental age, taking the unprecedented responsibility, having the unwavering spiritual experience, having undying passion and be lifetime learner, but if we can't open the gate of wealth, at least we will not waste our time to do the unproductive thingthis life is very serious, every achievement we had created in the past, it will lead us to the visualization of future, if we can't make agenda to plan the new way how to create wealth in the future, we always become poor as genetically.
Build good service to create your wealth

          Remember this note; this world can't be controlled by demanding new revolution from it, that's bad idea if we keep demanding on it because the world is not kind of the major resourcesthe only way how to attract the wealth is building the personal brand and create a big attention by offering your achievement to the worldwide, if we can't do that, at least we can travel to the new place by learning the successful people's positive habit, I just want to remind you; please don't wait successful people will help you if you want to get rich because rich people hate with poor's habit such as asking for help, the main reason why rich people hate asking for help because it's part of weaknesses, if you can't give the recommended product to the rich people, at least you can offer your ability to them and attract the rich people's attention by doing something unique, such as you want to solve the rich people's business for free, the main reason why we must have the power of giving because it's part of self-promotion, here is my additional note; other people can't give the valuable feedback if we don't have any resources to be offered, our quality of life comes from the quality of our emotion, if we don’t train our emotional intelligence how to study in order to get some specific skill, we don’t have any chance to receive more rewards from our efforts.

          Now I give you the reason why giving is more important than receiving because giving is represented the universe's principleact of giving is like working on specific purpose, if we want to prolong our lives on earth, we need to work and do some research on it, to get more wealth, we need to behave like the water, it's ubiquitous, if we work to get money, "the harder we work, less gain we get", but if you work like the water's principle, "the harder you work, you will be chased by the new resources from the unexpected direction", if we are serious want to gain more wealth, here is the first requirement we need to do is making sure our good service must be ubiquitous, such as our product value, our knowledge, our coaching, our skill-set, our good reputation, etcBefore that, we need to make some researches in long time process, we need a time sacrifice, good health, strategy, unwavering faith, undying passion, determination, patience, discipline, tactic and trust with your divine's timing, when your masterpiece is ready, you are in the God's plan, here is the key phrase you need to ponder “the more you learn, the more you earn, the more you give, the more you get”, if we reject this system, our power of vision is dead, as a result, we lack the sense of enthusiasm to provide new future, if we lack of resources by now because we already risk our past time with our last decision.

Remember this note; if we lack of resources, it's determined by our philosophy, everything happens in this life is determined by our choice, some events in the reality is determined 40% by our mindset, we can’t take new resources if we are wanting more and doing less, so discipline is the requirement to get more wealth, discipline is not happening by accidental, if we don’t want to connect with discipline, we will not connect with the universe, if we keep doing this habit, we are risking our lives in the future, here is the good news for type of people who are living poor, if someone has little of wealth, it's doesn't really matter, as long as he behaves so nice to other people who are bumped with him, his existence will be appreciated and he will be respected by other people, I think that's essential of wealth based on my research, enjoy your life and happy reading.