If you want to be successful, be consistent

          Hi smart people, good day, today I would like to share about how to be successful person, at this time I don’t teach you how to be rich, but I am going to share about the step how to be success maker from the bottom and also i will share how to make a consistent approach to the solution, not problem, the first key how to be successful person is upgrade mindset to be entrepreneur and focus how to make the solution, the main reason why we should focus on the solution because every solution will offer new inspiration to be learned, when we already get new inspiration, we will find problem, at this phase, please don't focus on the problem because our mind will start to imagine about suffering, so when we focus to the problem, problem will make us stop thinking, delaying for making research and discourage to make a final decision, here is the philosophy you need to apply in your life “the more you approach the solution, the more you will be approached by problem, when you keep this habit, you will become the master of solution, but if you approach the problem, the more you will be separated from the solution and you will become the master  of mischief”, there is no an escape door unless you build your own door, that’s metaphor.

Being successful people requires the consistency, that's habit we need to build at top priority, when we don't make approach to the possibility, we can't build the door, besides that we need a new inspiration to reveal what our mind wants, we can't collect some clues how to be successful if we don't have any trusted information to raise our standard, now if we compare about the desperate people's habit, they don't want to embrace the consistent habit because they use their major focus to the problem and use their minor focus to make a delay, the main reason why the desperate people can't get reward from what they do because they always justify that every chance is designed to make somebody living in the dungeon, so change our focus also will help us how to find the another clue before we can create solution, remember this note; when we try to approach the solution, there are more new problem will approach to us because problem knows that our capacity is more capable than it is, furthermore, problem offers new idea and it gives a guidance for us how to find the next clue, when we are interested to find the next clue, problem will transform to become a stepping stone, but when we reject the problem’s existence, we will produce the mental block and we will stop evolving to the next level.

The first key how to become a successful person; we must have the power of vision, means, we need to demand ourselves to take higher responsibility and commit with it's consequences, the more we urge ourselves to take higher responsibility, our vision will absorb new information and start to learn about other people's problem, the second key how to become a successful person; we become a man of value, the main reason why we need to educate our mind to be a man of value in the future because we don't know about future's time, a man of value always prepares his skill to handle new problem where it will be sent from future, a man of value usually avoids a casual time for too long because he is afraid that future will offer new big crisis for him if he has insisted to make it if we take a look about a man of value's character, he always appreciates about the time, knowledge and mankindThe third key how to become a successful person; be consistent to your own plan and pursue a higher purpose in the future, when we lack of consistency to pursue a higher purpose, as a result; we will not get what we really want.

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