Life is not divided into semester

Life is not talking about suffering, but finding the answer

          Hi smart people, good day, isn’t it? Today I would like to share about how to undergo the life exam and how to prolong our commitment with Almighty God, the reason i choose that topic because many people around me have cursed their life by shouting the poor words because they have received the injustice treatment from the unexpected ways, so at this moment I will explain how to prolong our patience during undergoing the life's exam, now let's see talk about problem and solution, based on the poor mindset's program, it always influences human's thought to repeat what they cursed in daily habit and the poor mindset's program wants to end up the life exam process because it can't stand to wait the long term process, in addition, the long term process always hurts humans who have poor mindset because they only focus on the small reward what they receive in daily habit, on the contrary, life wants to reward humans with the biggest reward after human have passed the long term examnow if we talk about the wealth mindset, it always influences human's thought to embrace all life exams, no matter how long the exam time will be needed because the wealth mindset believes about God's plan.
the way of life is finding the answer "why we are born on earth"

           As normal human being, we are powerless and we are not entitled to protest what God desires, remember this note; the main purpose of life exam is not talking about how huge your suffering after you did something in the past, but how much information you have got after passing the life exam, here is the philosophy you need to learn "the more you are curious about new thing, the more you get the answer from God, the less you are curious about new thing, the more stupidity you will embrace in the future", the human who have poor mindset, they usually use their major time to receive more and demand more rather than they can give or invest something to this world, as result, they can't find the answer from the life exam  in their entire of life because their mindset always rejects new challenge, here is my daily note; the life exam is like joining the championship competition, if we didn't compete with previous exam in the previous days, we will be defeated by our future time.
Life is always servicing what people need to stay alive

 The life's exam can’t be predicted whether there's good news or bad news within, we are not entitled to interrupt about the end result after we underwent the life exam because every day has offered the different examas normal human being, we are being asked by God to prepare the best version from our mental strength, our faith, our health, our, creativity, our knowledge, our wisdom, and our curiosity, if we are not ready to face the life exam, we will be suffered because the exam result shows zero score and we can't return to the previous time when we missed in the previous life exam, we need to awaken our power of love to accept every life exam, no matter how long the exam takes, if we don't love kind of resources from we have left, life will teach us how to love what we lost, that I call it as “life’s tough challenge”.

We can’t linger for receiving the life next challenge because we don’t know when we are ready to receive the exam, we need to reprogram our habit and our major time to study more and not to repeat what we know, "the more we prepare our resources, the more we earn the reward from every life exam we have taken", I just remind you again that life is the your bad-ass competitor, if you don’t prepare your best skill before the competition is begun, you will lose chance how to win the competition, before the real nightmare will come to you, so you need to challenge yourself what you can do and what you plan in the future, at this phase, you don’t need to fear or worry about what you can't finish because Almighty God knows your capacity and your limitation, remember this note; our job in this life are studying more, finding the answer and taking life exam.


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