Life itself is your teacher

          Hi smart people, good today, isn’t it? At this moment I would like to share about life's teacher, the word of "teacher" is not someone who teaches you how to read, how to write or teach you how to spell out the new vocabulary, but the word “teacher” what I mean is your life journey where it can give you information how to undergo the life exam from your babyhood until you are passed awaywe all know that every human being had been given the different the paper exam by Almighty God as long as the human being are undergoing the life examthe life exam characteristic are varioussome people are born in the poor family, some people are born in the rich family, some people are born by having disabilities bodies, some people are born with dark skin, bright skin, etc, remember this note; the physical body condition and the economy matter are not really matter in the eye of God, but your spiritual experience and life suffering are part of the true test which being provided by God to human being, here is the clue to undergo the life exam; God says to the human's soul "I don't burden the human beyond your capacity".
Human's mental age can determine the quality of their life

       Remember this note; the main reason why we need to be tested during living in this life because we have too many weaknesses and error, before human undergo the life examAlmighty God gives us many references where they are coming from the universe's horizon, plants, animals, sun, moon, energy, sea, land, fire,wind, etc. we are just demanded by God to learn new things as many as we can before our mental age will be tested to face the life's tough challenge, this kind of examination can't be represented by other people, so far I have learned the life journey from the successful people and the unsuccessful people’s story, but the most interesting story is not lies on the successful people or unsuccessful people’s experience, but the most interesting story lies on the individual’s philosophy, in my personal opinion; the philosophy of life is the compulsory subject that human need to learn it because every human can do soul-searching by applying that subject, here is the clue; life is not kind of the childish game where you can pick up happiness, leave the suffering and sadness at any time, but life is talking about responsibility where it’s been provided to every soul where they have succeeded to surpass the life exam from one level to another level, so that's the answer why you and I are still alive till now.

We can’t escape from that life exam because we come from the most successful product of the life exam we had taken, If we want to survive during undergoing the life exam, all we need to do is finding the answer by becoming the lifetime learner, if you are not interested to study about your life journey, your mental age will suffer a lot because you are committed to reject all possibilities, if you pay attention for moment, the life exam offers two kind of option you need to choose; learn the process or reject the process, if you learn about the process, you will be offered happiness, health, prosperity, chance, mission, vision and true love, if you reject about the process, you will be offered regret, sadness, fear, stupidity, desperate, lack of curiosity, lack of enthusiasm and evil purpose, now you can ponder it and check where is your soul’s position, nobody can help you to write down your life story's paper because you are the pen holder.

Remember this note; the human’s capacity is lack of information about life and death, to avoid the unexpected thing which can harm us, we don’t need to waste our time to live in other people's plan because everybody has own responsibility, we don't need to argue with God about how much time we need to reveal our life's purpose, all we need to do is preparing best self before our time is running outstarting from now, please don't prioritize your sense of pleasure to be exposed in the public area or your social circle for temporary because sense of pleasure can't give you a priceless lesson, in addition, most of the sense of pleasure are swindler, you would better to start how to improve your own philosophy or your belief system that you have embraced all the time and please consider about the preparation you have invested before the future's life crisis is coming such as the money value is deflation, the market price is higher than it usually does, the school tuition is incriminating, health maintenance price is higher, etc.
The more you learn, the more you see on the top

The main reason why you had to invest a good preparation in the past because the life crisis will happen unexpected in the future, when your investment result is ready, let your investment result will defend you and help you to overcome the unexpected problem, remember this note; your life is your own teacher, if you want to be master of life at anything scope, teach your own life with new lesson as if you had had new student who didn't know anything, when you are committed to become lifetime learner, everything you see about life problem like the hammer and nail.

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