Pain that hurts you or pain that change you

          Hi smart people, good day, Today I would like to share how to learn about the life pain's behind story, the main purpose why I choose that topic because many people had become their pain's hostage, the main problem why people become their own pain's hostage because they don't want to take higher responsibility and they ignore the priceless lesson from this life such as being betrayed, being rejected, being intimidated, being cheated, etc.  Remember this philosophy; what you reject is on the opposite of something you should learn, what you have missed is on the opposite of something you should find out, if you study earlier, the future's time will make the suitable room for you to learn deeply, so if you just reject the condition you should learn, as a result, you always be rejected by circumstance, the irrelevant thing is this life becomes the relevant thing if you are willingly to learn your progress and monitor your scenario, if you think you can achieve the dream, you will have it as long as you don't compromise with the consequences they serve to you, such as commitment, consistent and discipline, all pains can make you better if you have the feasibility plan ahead.
sharpen your vision in order to embody your plan into reality

        Discipline is part of the life pain's behind story, if people don't apply discipline into the daily life, as a result, their future is situated on the rock bottom level, if people apply discipline into the daily life, everything they do will create fortune, please don't ever think to retreat because we already arrive on the life mission, so we don't have enough time to live casual for long period of time because we need to prepare our best version, at this moment I want to let you know how to handle the mental pain and how to turn it into self-motivation, the first thing you should prepare is don't trust to your memory and you must keep your eagerness is up, means you need to study although you have had many accomplishment in the past, in my personal opinion; there is no meaningful accomplishment if we stop practicing because the past accomplishment can't determine the future accomplishment, here I give you clue how to maintenance your spiritual intelligence; the more often you practice your resources, the stronger it will destroy your own mental block, on the other hand, the less you use your resources, your resources will be decreasing because lack of use, here is my daily note; there is no big obstacle ahead which can prevent you to achieve your dream, except you allow big obstacle comes into your consciousness, the more you demand yourself to do something different, the more opportunity will pursue you from the unexpected way.

 The second thing you need to prepare if you want to turn the mental pain becomes self-motivation; you stay committed with your dream and reward yourself when you have achieved it, that's sign of maturity, remember this philosophy; if you don’t want to get hurt by your circumstance in the long period of time, you need to make the artificial emergency plan with your own version, the main reason why you need to apply this philosophy because every artificial emergency plan can accelerate the extraordinary life design, here is my daily note; the small or big suffering you have endured now, it doesn't really matter as long as you accept it as God’s plan, basically there is no painful life story will begin as long as you know how to respond on it, the good response can be produced through your mental age, here is for your note; every good response can't be produced by childish mental age because good response is high class act, here is the key phrase you need to obey if you are willingly to change your mental pain become self-motivation; be a realistic person and accept your limitation as stepping stone, the more you work on your limitation, the more significant result will happen to your life.
The physical pain can help you to monitor your discipline

  Here are the symptoms if you reject your life circumstance, the first symptom; you follow your sense of pleasure and you just focus how to collect the worldly stuff, as a result, your emotional drastically unfulfilled and you can’t get the true unhappiness because your mental age can’t prevent your sense of pleasure, in addition, the mental pain can hurt your reality if you don't focus on the right trackthe second symptom; you are not interested with new hope and you just want to repeat the activity that you always do and you are not willingly to learn new thing, the third symptom; your mind is in dilemma because you push yourself to finish what you start, starting from today; please try not to compete with other people' experience, you just need to run for your  own race and become unique.


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