Remember what you started when you want to give up

            Hi smart people, good day, today I would like to share about how to remember your legacy when you want to give up, the main purpose why I choose that topic because many legacies has been neglected by people after they had finished building the legacy, the major cause why people have neglected about their legacy behind because they think there is no positive feedback will arrive in their season, as the consequence, there is no positive feedback will arrive to their season because people start to give up earlier, here is the key phrase; "the major cause why positive feedback is not coming because people are too obsessed about result faster, as a result, they will not start to work as best as they can", as human being, we are just demanded by God to create legacy by being accompanied with time, health, love and faith as the biggest assets, that's all, we are not entitled to protest or interrupt about Almighty God's decision because He is best planner for our future, God says "whoever does an atom's weight of good, you will see it" and "whoever does an atom's weight of evil, you will see it"

         In my opinion; don't leave your legacy with unguarded mode because time will sweep it all, you must protect what you start, starting from now, you need to improve your attitude quality because every response you create will be returned to you with astounding accuracyif you believe about God' decision; there is no good deed will be neglected, if you think your legacy will produce new fortune, the result will return to you with a multiplying drastically change, this is not my promises, but it's kind of God's promises, if you and I don't believe about God's promise, who will give the feedback from the activity we have finished, there is creator behind our scenario, we can't make beautiful life if we do the same standard over and over again, so giving up is not best option because we already participate with the competition, remember this note; "if you think you are alone, you actually are not alone", "if you think you know everything about your life, you actually do not know it", "if you think you will face the impossible thing, you would better think about the possible thing you can reach".

         We need to improve our principle if we want to protect our skill from desperation, besides that, we need to let go of something which may decelerate our maturity, such as, we have spent the major money rather than we have invested it, we have spent our major time to do the minor purpose, etc. in my personal opinion; don't invest the sense of worry to something we have never tried before, if we keep doing it, it will invite the new fearfulness, finally we will decide to give up easily, don't just do something easier, but do something where it will bring a good impact to other people's livesremember this note; people who usually love to do the things easily, they will start to give up easily when they receive hard thing, in fact the hardest thing is the part of God's plan where He is going to thrust you to the new higher level, the desperate people always train their mindset to receive less responsibility rather than they should take more responsibility, an act of giving up is usually accumulated by human's untrained habit, starting now, don’t let the small mind will take the majority of your territorial emotion, the small mind usually comes from the lack of preparation towards new challenge.

  Giving up is part of the fearfulness attitude when someone rejects the reality, here is the fact; the life reality can't be defeated by the fearfulness because reality is coming from the human's qualified mindset's reflection, when we just focus about problem, our mind will have no empty room to produce new solution, in my personal opinion; don't just imagine about problem, but try to imagine about a new reference which can provide different option, besides that we need to have artificial emergency plan to be planned in the long term plan to avoid the desperation's attackat this moment, don’t make time to wait the miracle because miracle can't be waited, but it must be created by the qualified mindset, the good thing will be attacked by darkness of life if you don't protect it with your power of belief, new decision is created by new mindset and the desperate people always have procrastination habit, no wonder they give up easily once they meet with new problem, here I give you to clue how to reduce the procrastination habit, here is philosophy; the more you postpone to do something good, the more chance for the sense of desperation to assault your territorial instincts, the procrastination is coming from personal unappreciated habit by himself and undervalue knowledge.


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