Stop chasing what your mind wants

          Hi smart people, good day, today I would like to share about how to stop chasing what your mind wants, the main reason why I choose that topic because the sense of desires sometimes can’t give everyone the path how to build happiness, besides that not all desires are designed to seek the solution, the human's desires require the self-preparation and some experiences before human can receive the reward, I just remind you that "this life system is designed to fulfill what people will deserve, not what people really want, if people really want something, people need to demand their souls to make some preparations first", don't get tricked by what your mind wants because every desire can’t give you the real promises, the real promises is you must reward yourself after you have passed the obstacles and challenges.

          Before you prioritize what your mind really wants, you must prioritize what your soul wantsif you don’t prioritize what your soul wants, you always look for something you don’t really need as much, so you must try to catch on the new challenge by doing something different from one day to another one, the key of how to change our lives is changing the habit by doing something unique and do with the fullest focus on it, we must differentiate between the robotic machine habit and the human nature, if you look at the robotic machine habit, it always execute the object until it can’t make new decision, but if you look at the human nature, there is always the development program, challenge, adversity, obstacles from one grade to another one, remember this note; the maturity is not determined by the human’s age but it’s determined by the spiritual experience and the developed mental age.

         Here is my daily note; if we don’t really focus on about what our soul wants, as a result, we are having no the difference between robots and machine, as human being, we must do something where robot and machine can't do, we have to collect some experiences to enrich our knowledge and find the answer from the life riddle, such as reading new book, explore to the nature reserve, attending the seminar, take new project, etc. Here is my personal advice; if we focus on what our soul wants, our mind will follow every step of the soul's commands, we must be ready to accept the tomorrow's challenge because not all challenges will make us happy, at this phase, don’t let our small mind will produce small concern because it can decelerate our learning process, the main reason why we need to avoid small concern because it will produce worry, anxiety, fear, laziness, procrastination, desperate, pessimism, etc. Now what we can do is not mourning what we have lost in the past, but try to maximize what we have left to welcome the tomorrow's challenge, so we must learn something that we don't learn from our parents,or our priests, or scholar, or lecturer, besides that we need to make new habit and write down what our souls want on the journal to attract big focus.
Make a list before you start something

         Remember this note; human's mind always find “want, want, and want”, on the contrary, human's soul will give no single best response for it, so if your mind demands “self-discipline, self-commitment, and self-reliance”, as a result, your soul will invite the power of universe to manifest what your biggest wants, here is for your note; the human’s negative mind always rejects new change, adversity, determination, and new risk, I have ever shared in my previous articles, “the human’s mind always looks for the sense of pleasure and avoid the suffering” means, our mental age can't grow up when we don't take suffer a bit such hard working, that’s life challenge which offers to everybody all over the world, here is the key how to hack our mind "conquer your sense of pleasure by taking new higher responsibility"if you keep doing that habit, I am sure your developed mental age will attract new fortune because the mature mental age is the one of the currency which being used to receive fortune.