Television is not real life

        Hi smart people, good day, isn’t it? Today I would like to share how to know about fake world and real world, fake world is always talking about joy and promise, television program is designed to talk about joy and promise, so at this moment i would like to identify about how to live peacefully in the real world and how to stay away from the fake world, as we know that the real world and the fake world are totally different, if you enjoy your real life, that means you are going to manipulate your inner world, that's the phrase to know your qualified life, if you can't feel good with your life journey, that means your inner world has been manipulated with the undetected resources, here are the undetected resources you need to discard from you, namely your small concern, your biggest expectation and your minor purpose, when you turn it into dust, your real life will begin, here are the difference between the real world's promise and the fake world's promisethe real world's promise is always offering about perseverance, discipline, courage, suffering, huge responsibility, the mental pain, struggle, patience, enthusiasm, failure, setback, etc. Whereas the fake world's promise is provided by the television program or the social media because they educate people how to get an instant pleasure and the mind manipulation program where it is opposite with the real life concept.

         At this moment I would share something different about the reason why television program can’t represent the real life circumstance, the first thing we should know; the television’s program doesn’t offer the technique or strategy how to face adversity and setback, instead the television program offers a worrying concept, the panic attack and an instant solution, those are the negative effects where they have been created by television program maker, as adult person, we need to protect our children to watch too much the television program because the television program can absorb children's natural ability, if they keep doing this habit, they will do the unproductive activity in the long term process, remember that we can’t create the mental developing program when we spend our major time to watch Television’s program because moat program are designed to fulfill your advantage only, not fulfill what you need in this life, but if you learn about the real life, it says “you need to work hard, you will learn the feedback after you got rejection, you must learn how to handle the adversity, you must accept the new mistake as a new experience, you must learn how to increase your survival ability before the crisis is coming, practice your inborn skill, go to sleep to regain your stamina, after that you need to repeat the daily activity, if you are not satisfied about result, then you must keep exploring what you don’t know”.

 In the real life, sometimes we often forget our commitment rather than what we can remember of something good because we used to underestimate the time value by prioritizing our sense of pleasure rather than prioritizing our long term target, as result we will get fake happiness, the one of major cause why we can't enjoy our life journey because we don’t have any value to be offered to the world, so we need to protect our mindset from the fake promising which it is been offered by the television programthe second major cause why we can't enjoy our life journey because our mentality consumes too much about the programs which they are broadcasted by the television program or the social media’s contents, as result our mental age doesn’t grow rapidly, here is my daily noteif you want to build a real life, you have to choose one from two option; your mental age will be suffered by your own long term program or your mental age will be suffered by other people’s plan, so this phase is so important, your future is on the stake by today's decision, so you must ponder it day by day until you have got the enlightenment.

Please remember that I don’t prohibit you to watch television program, but you must be selective viewer, you can’t use your major time to watch television if you want to stay in the real life, don't let your mind being tricked by short term promise which it's offering about short term happinesshere is for your note; building life is like building a house, you can’t leave the house's blue print behind without you haven’t finished it first, if you prioritize your major time to the life’s building construction, everything in this world will stay in your houseif you don’t live with your own house, you always live into other people’s house and you will be pushed to pay for rent until you will make debt to them, please beware of what you plan because not all your plan can increase your mental age, so you need to undergo with your own long term program if you want to increase your mental age, the more you grow your mental age, the more you reap the solution for every problem.


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