The Power of perseverance

          Hi smart people, good day, today I would like to share how to recognize the meaning of “the power of perseverance” and how if we put it into our life’s plan, as we know we have been educated by our teachers from our childhood how to pass the compulsory subject’s examination without neglecting our notebooks where we used it to relearn the difficult lesson, that's perseverance process, but when we are getting old, we forget how to use the perseverance's habit because we are too satisfied about the last achievement we made it, that's trap,  remember this note; if we connect with the life system, we should keep the journal to our own personal problem, it can be used to verify our life journey whether any progress or not, we can use the journal how to monitor our target whether any missing report or not, unfortunately many adult people have underestimated about the power of writing a note, remember; the perseverance can be built when we don't lose our focus, the power of focus is coming from our monitoring to the daily journal, when we can't achieve the target, at least we don't lack of enthusiasm to continue our plan.

       Remember this note; our potential growth is coming from perseverance, no matter how tough your life journey, if you can handle the problem by using the power of perseverance, your problem will weaker than it usually does, it's the same thing how to prolong our happiness, we can't make a hope to receive happiness, that's misleading process, we need to struggle and commit to build by finding some solution, that's key how to build happiness, every happiness equals with your capability level, when there is no progress of your capability, you can't build the happiness's foundation, here is the philosophy you need to ponder in your life plan "when there is no perseverance, there is no happiness at all"you and I can’t keep distance from the power of “the power of perseverance” because this method will give us a clue how to pass the stumbling stone, the biggest risk will happen when we don't take it as stepping stone.

Remember this note; the biggest risk in life is not coming from big problem ahead, but the biggest risk is coming from our biggest obstacles we have made such as distrust with God's plan, doubt, procrastinate, fear, sadness, etc. When we have a protective mindset, we will refuse to change our habit or change our standard because we are too comfortable about the last shelter we have created, that's trap, remember this note; there is no strong shelter can be made in this life because time will destroy the strongest shelter on earth, our protector and shelter are coming from the power of faith to God, when we don't apply the power of perseverance to our problem, there is always big problem will come in, here is the additional note; time will work hard  for you when you use the power of perseverance, but time will crush your plan when you just run your days with neglecting small discipline every day.

We must take a risk if we want to get out from the circle of hell, the compound of circle of hell is coming from the sense of pleasure and easiness, we can't make good life when we just wait the signal from other people, the good investment we need to build on earth is activating the power of perseverance and power of curiosity, without attaching both power, we always run into the circle of hell, here is what God's promise to human " o, my people, do your utmost ability, in fact i will also do, one day you will find out who (among us) will get good results in this home, surely the wrongdoers will not get a luck"

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