The world pleasure is deceiver

          Hi smart people, good day, isn’t it? I would like to share about how to identify the world pleasure, the main reason why I choose that topic because major young people are being deceived with their own pleasure because they are obsessed with every pleasure they have got, on the other hand, some people assume their pleasure lead their life journey to the new revolution, but in the contrary, every pleasure is designed to offer human how to make living in the comfort zone in the long period of time, during living in the comfort zone, pleasure never teach us how to behave patience and never teach us how to handle new adversity, if we stay longer in the comfort zone, our desires will create the procrastination habit and it will gnaw away our vitality and enthusiasm, so we need to work very hard and feel the mental pain if we want to bring our life journey to the real world, in my personal opinion; don't live in the comfort zone for too long because our sense of pleasure will block our vision to make new legacy, the main reason why I say such thing because our mental strength will decrease by itself when we don't utilize it, remember this note; the more you use your mental strength to work, the stronger it gets, the more you prolong your sense of pleasure, the more you lose your desire value to work.
The couch potato's habit

          At this moment I would explain how to stay away from the world pleasure; the first point; don’t get involved with the activity where it can’t help you to develop your mental age, the main reason why you need to ponder this note because the mental age is very important to handle your life problem, besides that your mental maturity can monitor your work in progress in the long period of time, here is my personal advice; if you just use your major time to make self-pleasure, you will not get lesson from it because the world pleasure is deceiver, starting today, you need to measure your life journey about what you have missed and what you have learned in the past, you can't rely on other people's help more often because everyone has own problemyou would better to make strategy and prepare something ahead before the life crisis is coming, that's life's tough challengesometimes we need to suffer at temporary phase in order to strengthen our mental strength and discard our old unproductive habit.
the powerless people worship the money, the rich people educate money to work

 During we are dwelling in this world, we need to undergo the life’s exam and take the higher test level from previous onewe can’t create different life journey within our time when we stay in our pleasure zone because all pleasures always spoil our idea until we no longer need an idea to make change, at this phase we must beware about sense of pleasure because not all of pleasures can give us a lot of inspiration, in addition, the pleasure itself is designed to stop evolving our creativity and every sense of pleasure has duty to influence our mind to stay the same in the same level over and over again till we hang up our life journey to the comfort zone, here is the philosophy of comfort zone; “you will die if you stay away from our service”, if we learn deepening about the statement above, we feel like become a new threat towards the comfort zone and also we feel intimidated as if we hadn't had enough chance to higher our standard of living, here is my daily note; we shouldn't trust with our sense of pleasure when we make living because the most pleasure are created by devil’s desire and he has purpose to destroy humans power of consciousness, to protect our consciousness from the devil's desire, we need to strengthen our mental strength by developing our philosophy and improve our daily habit.
Playing game can drown the human's curiosity power 

To defend our territory within our mindset, we need to learn from the universe’s principle as the first step, the main reason why we need to learn with the universe's law because it always says about the truth and the universe is the part of God's creation, remember this note; there is no more powerful tool which can teach human how to make revolution, except the universe does it as purposely, basically we can't escape from the universe because it's our home, if we know that our mind, our spirit and our body come from this universe, we should not neglect with the universe's law, if we neglect it, we will take the fake pleasure where it offers promise all the timehere is my daily note; the world's pleasure can't offer the great reward to human because it's provided by evil purpose, before the evil purpose comes to our consciousness, we need to practice our mental strength to protect our mindset from it, besides that, the mental strength can be used to change the sense of pleasure to become the self-esteem if we make higher purpose.