When you can’t control what’s happening, control your respond to it

          Hi smart people, good day, today I would like to share how to make good response towards the circumstance which may come from the unexpected direction, in this life, we agree that human and other creatures can’t control all circumstances, but when we don’t control our response, we will feel the worst thing for long lasting effect when we keep it that way, as human being, our emotional intelligence is very helpful resources to create boosting machine for creating new solution for us, we can delegate emotional intelligence power to make a better attitude, a better action and a better planremember this note; if we don't have ability to control our response, we always see negativity when new problem comes inso we need to make strategy in advance before we will be controlled by bad circumstance, human being is a unique creature, we have been entrusted by God with five intelligence; such as spiritual intelligence, emotional intelligence, mental intelligence, intellectual intelligence and physical intelligence, those are the major resources where they can assist human how to face problem, make solution and how to recognize the universe's power, if we lack of resourcefulness, we can’t work together with them.

          I have reviewed a bit about the universe’s law, it can provide renewable resources to human's necessity without being asked by human's desire, the universe has no self-control power but the human being have that power, if we want to make carefully decision in this life, we must possess the self-control power because every minute of decision we make, it will determine our future we can’t live by showing any recklessness in this life, sometimes we need to obey the rule if we want the universe gives the best performance for us, I just want to remind you that there is nobody can avoid the adversity or the failure during making living on earth because everyone will deserve not benefit, unless they will learn something from the consequence; here is my daily note; Almighty God doesn’t ask you to change the circumstance by creating new environment, but He insists you to change your response towards the circumstance by leaving the unproductive habit or bad habit, in addition, the universe will never serve us with good or bad thing, only our decision can give the value whether our behavior can be accepted or not by the universe.

The first step how to improve our response towards the circumstance is accepting the reality as a new lesson and monitor what we did something in every 24 hour, make sure during that time period, we invest a good legacy because  tomorrow is part of the today's legacy, every 24 hour determines our next destiny, there is no instant process will be served by the universe because there is time as interval process, so we must respect about the process, the universe will work on progress although it needs one second, during waiting the universe's working time, we need to record whether any missing result or not within 24 hour, I hope after you read this article, you won't regret about your losing time value, don't forget to love your time more than anything valuable in this life because time is the part of seasonal friend where it will never return.