Work until your brain forgets and your body remembers

Keep practice until your body will remember every record of your legacy 

          Hi smart people, good day, isn’t it? Today I would like to share about how to work on the efficiency and how to keep happiness with the kind of activity you have done, I have reviewed many adult people have low self-esteem because they have the money-oriented character and they will do everything as long as they can earn a lot of money, as a result, they can't work more efficiently in the working place for the long period of time, unwittingly they become workaholic, at this phase I don't prohibit you to earn a lot of money at your working place, but remember this note; if the money can educate you how to become a money making machine for long period of time, I suggest you to stay away from that kind of job or you break up that bad habit chain, so you can focus how to work on your unique talent.

your body will do automatic when you work more than 90 days trial

Here is the negative impact if you work as workaholic; you will reject new opportunity from the unexpected way because you are not preparing your best self to welcome new opportunity, here is philosophy you need to ponder little; life and time are the true competition for every human being, if you can’t compete with your inner world, the outer world will demand you to stay burdened with higher responsibility and you will be pushed to work until you don’t have any time to do soul-searching, basically working is the part of the human nature, but if we just work to make living, we have no difference with other creatures where they can work, the essential of life is not how long we can survive on earth, but how to pass the life exam from one level to another level with new demandif we just think how to survive, we will lose the enthusiasm how to find the answer from life's mysteries.
Discipline is the reasonable way how to control everything

Don’t let your sense of enthusiasm is missing because it can decelerate your spiritual development process and also it creates procrastination habit, I am not sure whether you want to keep working for money or you want to work on your personal character, so if you work harder on your personal character, your talent will grow up and you will no longer to introduce yourself towards money because your self-worth is enough to attract the money, remember this note; every talent needs higher demand from you and you will be demanded to work harder on yourself rather than you do on the daily job, the main reason why you need to work harder on yourself because your legacy will be followed by the market place, as a result, you will earn more money and you are no longer need to work in the same level again because your talent has paid your hard work, finally your brain will forget and your body will remember your life experience.

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