You may delay something but time will not

          Hi smart people, good day, today I would like to share about how to appreciate the time value, the main purpose why I choose that topic because many people don’t know about the difference between the casual time and the serious time, let me explain about "the serious time" = prepare something for the future (long term plan) and leave a good legacy, whereas "the casual time" = work for the money and fulfill the short term plan such as eating, drinking, sleeping, buying the goods, etc. if we look at the company whose many workers in there, the company owner applies the casual time, so the employee will find the sense of comfortable during working there, the bad effect is every employee delays how to prepare something for the serious time, many employee don't have any option how to make explicit decision, whether they like or not, every employee must do something for the casual time, if we compare a bit about the human’s daily life, we will be faced with two option; you design your own life plan or other people will design your own life plan.

When we have own life design, I am sure we have spent the serious time more than the casual time, when we don't want to plan for the future, we will be delegated by other people to work, now you must choose it wisely, if you plan to design your own life journey, you must possess the mental factory, Here are the mental factory; keep increasing the productivity rate to the manufacture of the product, minimize the variable process, and create more efficiency to the production budget as well as the working hour, here is the consequence if we don’t apply that principle to our life plan, we can’t create an extraordinary life because we don't have the sense of urgency to liaise with future's time, starting from now, we must do exploring the new information we need to know, accepting a bad result in the reality, embrace the challenge, learn from failure, monitor our development program, record the new result, be a selective listener, etc. in my personal experience; make a delay for something important will create the sense of underestimate's habit will born and our sense of enthusiasm will decrease, if we keep doing it, finally we create unwell prepared destination in the future, that’s the frightening thing. 
time will not delay, time will not return in your time

Our future is determined by our choice, not by chance, when we spend our major time to do something unimportant within 5 year, as a result, the next five year later automatically we will get the same result, not having much progress, so please be careful with your time usage, time can be valueless when we produce nothing, time can be valuable when we do the right thing, here is my daily note; this life will give best appreciation to you if you appreciate your time value by having  the serious time more than the casual time, life will not give you tolerate when you just spend your time to repeat what your standard always does to your daily life, if you ask me “what will you do if you have been granted with 50 years to live on earth?” I would use 50 years by creating a good legacy in the serious time rather than I am living 100 years without having a clear purpose in the serious time.


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