Your follower is not always your fan

          Hi smart people, good day, today I would like to share how to make a new perspective about the follower’s existence, as we know many people collect many followers can increase the reputation and many people think a follower is always fans, in fact, the follower is not always the best friend or a lovely family, but the follower can come from the critic maker, enemy, competitor, the justice law, the troublemakers, media, sponsor, etc. please beware when you choose one of your follower because your reputation will be at the stake, the good reputation can be built in 5 years but it can be destroyed in 1 minute by getting bad reputationin this century many young people  are struggling how to get many followers by spending their money in order to attract the unknown people's attention.
Follower is not always your fan

           In my personal opinionthis method is not producing more significant result because it's be used to buy other people attraction, in fact the the attractive marketer is not trying to buy the follower's satisfaction, but solving the follower's problem, here is the philosophy you need to know; “the right people will come and stay for longer time because they already find the worthy from what you have done”, when you are so busy building a masterpiece or good product or good service for other people, the good value from what you have done will help you to promote your value, please don't look for the follower, you just need to focus on your clear goal or legacy because "a good value never ever begged for the human's mercy because good value is like the antidote for all problems, so it always be pursued and be looked for by human being"
good legacy always be pursued by the follower

Remember; no matter how many followers you have, they aren’t giving a success story or guarantee for you, as long as you become the channel of all human problem, you will leave good legacy and other people will look for you without being asked, don't try to influence other people to follow you, all you need to do is be a well prepared person with good resources because the luckiest person in this world is not talking about the opportunity they have, but the one who always the most prepared in any circumstance, I am not trying to influence you to leave those people who already follow you, but you must beware that not all people can give you a good feedback, in my personal advice; don’t spend your major time to entertain your follower, but spend your time to solve the favorite problem that most people have, if you keep doing it, I am sure the unexpected follower will come to you without hesitation.


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