Everything has beauty, but not everyone sees it

           Hi smart people, howdy? I hope you always have a good day, today I would like to share about the topic "everything has beauty, but not everyone sees it", the main reason why not everyone can see a beauty in this life because they used to live with appraisal, promotion and recognition, people who are treated such thing is most likely a desperate person or a lifeless machine because some of them are not used to cultivate their mind with appreciation, self-motivation, respect and self-reliance, in the daily ritual, the desperate people can't see the beautiful life because they tend to receive more reward than they can give something useful, man who can't see the beautiful life because he stays lingering for too long in the kid zone, so whatever they do, they play a safe game, remember this note; the main cause is not situated at what the desperate people see, but the problem is coming from lack of curiosity to fulfill their spiritual needsas normal human being, we must create a contingency plan in order to avoid the unwanted condition, like the wise man said "when there is nobody with plan, one plans to fail"

  Don't let your emotion is making a total mess to your life, you need to control your focus at the top priority, even though you can't see beautiful thing around you, all you need to do is finding the credible people that you trust the most, you can contemplate for moment about the ritual you did in the past and you can prepare the worst preparation in order to counter the unexpected setback in the future, please beware, sometimes fixed mindset and stumbling block will shut down your vision when it’s trying to make new opportunity. The main reason why the majority of people still can’t detect the beautiful life because they often express “why I have to live like this?”, “why am I going to do this?, this it isn’t for me, the water too cold, the sun too hot, it’s going to hurt me, “I don’t like this”, “I don’t deserve it”, based on the statement like that, it describes that people always look for blame and excuse when they can’t find the explicit answer, I myself have ever experienced with the unpleasant thing, what I do to rescue my healthy mind is not looking back what I had done in the past, furthermore, I do soul-searching and I create something I haven’t done before, I keep this ritual over 3 years, finally I find my life mission "paint the world's color with peace".

Remember this note; sometimes the biggest problem and the biggest solution are situated at your dream zone, you need to make yourself self-motivated, don't let your negative emotion will drive you to go somewhere that you don't take it, every beauty in life can’t be created with our weakness and our limitation, every beauty already been there before the human is born on earth, the beautiful life offers many rewards that people don't understand it, the same thing like the purpose of problem's existence, every problem is not designed to hurt people's life, but problem is designed to offers the beautiful solution, without facing new problem, people can't see the difference between solution and problem, remember this note; the beauty will not come out suddenly without any triggering effect, it just likes the rainbow, it will come out after the storm is gone.

Look at what you have, not what you don’t have

value your idea and make it work in your daily life

          Hi smart people, howdy? I hope you always have a good day, today I would like to share the statement “how to look at what you have, not what you don’t have”, the meaning of that statement is “maximize your curiosity to collect new experience in order to revitalize what you have and don’t complain with your limitation because it's designed by your own creation”, basically every human has limitation, but the main problem is not all people want to break it, the reason why they don't want to break it because their fearfulness is bigger than their willingness, in fact, every limitation is designed to protect your vision and help you to detect the dangerous thing, but in the other hand, limitation can make you stop learning new thing, you must beware about your limitationif you just push your limitation to do something difficult, as a result, your mental strength is decreasing and you will lose your enthusiasm in the long period of time because your resource is not ready to face the difficult thing which is bigger than your capacity, you have to remove your unnecessary habit where it can't support your skill, don't change yourself when the life already hit you with severe treatment, but change yourself before the life hits you with it, before you break your limitation, you need to struggle how to leave your comfort zone and stay learning in the fear zone in order to adapt your mentality at the uncomfortable zone, if you don't make it, you will lose what you have.
Focus on what you have, don't focus on what you don't have

You must train your resources constantly in order to endure the mental pain which may injure what you can do in the long term plan, that’s requirement how to defend your good value, if you don’t prepare something big, your limitation will convince you to keep staying in the comfort zone and do nothing meaningful, in my personal experience; don't worry about the mental pain, it's designed to increase your endurable skill, before you complain about something you don’t possess, you need to fix your mindset how to make yourself is ready to accept big challenge, remember this note; the life test is given by God to you in order to endure your potential and warn you to prepare the big plan ahead, if you don't prepare yourself earlier, there is upcoming disaster will be ready to crush your opportunity and you will be trapped in the severe regret for long period of time, if you just compare something what you don’t have with other people who have something bigger than yours, you will lose your dignity and lose your self-respect, remember this note; don’t just become successful person, but try to become a man of value where your legacy will work together with future.
Giving a good service makes the difference to your life experience

The people who realize about their limitation, they will not let their limitation size is bigger than before, people will set bigger target in order to break the previous limitation and they will live in their fear zone until they can handle how to make their fearful is gone, that’s life tough challenge, if you keep looking at what you have, you will never abandon something what you don't have before, here is for your note; a big problem can provide a new happiness for you when your skill feels confident to absorb a big problem, I may take conclusion; happiness doesn't contain the solution, but when your capability size is bigger than your own problem, it creates happiness, starting today, please take care of what you have, sometimes God insists you to keep what you have because He trusts you can handle the problem on it, not to other people, if you work on your potential, your potential will work for attracting big money.   

Miracles happen to those who believe in them

          Hi smart people, howdy? I hope you always have a good day, today I would like to share the title “miracles happen to those who believe in them”, the meaning of that the statement is "miracles happen in the reality when people are fulfilling the relentless effort", if we talk about the miracle, we must check our preparation whether it's compatible or not with the miracle's demand because it needs our constantly effort and our patience, remember; every miracle doesn't happen in our time calculation, but it's accumulated from God's calculation, that's the key, miracle is superpower where it stays to the unimaginable effort, it's God's authority, the human’s activity is started in the reality world, not in the spirituality world, if you want to know how to welcome the miracle, you mustn't waste your time the meaningless purpose, don’t let your hope stays in the spirituality world for too long, you must train your mind to discipline in every aspect of life, such as harmony, spirituality, calmness, love, wisdom and unwavering commitment.

When you have family, you can teach them how to create the miracle, you need to make sure your beloved people have a inspired dream to support the way of miracle, ask them to write down their inspired dream into paper and teach them how to make a good habit, identify their strong point and weak point, face uncomfortable treatment and how to build enthusiasm, that’s requirement, let they make a practice until they know what they need to prepare and teach them how to embrace failure fundamentally, when they make a progress, you can give them some appreciation, don’t let your beloved people hate about failure because it will stop them to keep trying again and again, you need to make sure your beloved people don’t lose their enthusiasm because the sense of enthusiasm can create the differentiation, the miracle will flow it's energy when you decide to divorce with your past and marry with future, means, you need to keep faith, focus with progress, don't look back with anger and believe with God's plan, here is my special note; miracle doesn't need your plan or your ego, miracle really needs your seriousness, good manner, the clarity of mind and calmness, if dream is making you are reborn to have a better personality than before, means, you have been granted a key to access the powerful dream.
Miracle is like the seed where it's buried to be alive

If you consider your life is like going to work and get the money only, everything you see around like the nail, your head will be hit with hammer until you are trapped forever in your own comfort zone, but if you consider your life is like collecting new experience, everything you see around like the miracle because you are not afraid to get failure and you know how to handle self-willed from the sense of despair, in my personal experience; don’t just look for miracle, you need to work at the wisdom zone where it teaches you how to behave positively and grow your adventurous spirit, besides that, good job is not teaching you how to earn money, but it teaches you how to attract the miracle, after that, let the miracle works for you and help you to attract a big money, if you want the miracle really happens in every day, you must leave the past memory, work like the seed and you do something when most people don't do.

Fill your life with adventures

          Hi smart people, howdy? I hope you always have a good day, today I would like to explain “how to fill your life with adventures”, the main purpose why I choose that topic because most people can’t live with their fullest confidence level, besides that they prefer to spend their major time by collecting the worldly stuff rather than collecting new experience, as a result, their natural ability starts decreasing unwittingly because most of them intend to magnify their satisfaction, if we talk about the natural law, remember this note; “when emotion is increased, intelligence is suppressed to go down, when satisfaction is increased, risk will be increased, we need to understand that sense of satisfaction doesn't guarantee to get better future, "sense of satisfaction is designed to make you stop growing", in my personal opinion; don’t just let the pain bury your future, you need to burn your ego first, you need to prolong your patience by having the long term plan around 5 until 10 years later, and you need to live fully with time period and do something that you have never done before, sometimes we need the unconditional love from Almighty God by taking the hardest thing to do in order to increase our mental strength.
Fear = (Face Everything And Rise)

The main reason why we need to learn from the hardest thing because the hardest thing offers the beauty of life for the human's peaceful soul, the hardest thing is like taking adventurous, not everyone wants to take adventurous because they think it's dangerous and also it offers the uncomfortable treatment, yes I agree with you, but the question “how long you can endure new responsibility if you always reject a new adventurous?”, remember this note; you can’t win at the miscellaneous game when you just spend your whole life to play in the safe game, you need to weigh your mental with big responsibility, that's how you grow your channel towards the universe's game, if you take the adventurous game in life, your mental strength will solve the insurmountable problem, sometimes you need to take so much energy, time and effort in order to weigh your mental pain with spiritual intelligence, that's the true power.

Here is the good news, if you fill up your life with adventurous game and doing something you have never done before, your will never feel bored about your life design because you find a way how to create the unimaginable wealth through your capable hand and your idea, don't worry about risk, every adventurous game is designed to conquer your fear and open your close-minded, but it doesn't make you disappoint if you can enjoy that game, if you just play a safe game, your mental won't grow, your life is bored, stress and depression because your game can't enrich your knowledge and mental intelligence, unfortunately many people don’t take the adventurous game because they prefer to live in the comfort zone rather than living in the wisdom zone which offers the unimaginable returns, I hope after you read this article, you start to plan your own adventurous and your soul lies in the lasting peace on earth.

Your degree is just a piece of paper, your education is seen in your behavior

Hi smart people, howdy? I hope you always have a good day, today I would like to share how to identify your degree and how to identify your education, the main purpose why I choose that topic because many people are feeling proud when they have collected a high education level, but "unfortunately most of them don't know how to apply their degree in their behavior because they think degree of education will give them a life guarantee and give them happiness", in fact, your degree can't give what your soul needs, most young people don’t realize that their habits can lead them to the place where it provides something they deserve, not giving something greater than they can deserve, I have shared to other people about this idea, "don’t start new habit until you realize what you are planning ahead because every habit will lead your soul to the unknown circumstance where you have never been there", beware of your daily habit because sometimes it will not let you stopped by doing something you like and sometimes habit can crush your future if you keep growing your bad habit, your education is born from your good personality.
Good personality creates idea and education

Remember; our behavior is product from our daily habit, if you let your habit keeps working without you can control it, you will become self-destructing robot, you must identify your habit whether it can increase what your spiritual needs and you must adapt yourself with a real change because real change offers the hardest thing to do, remember; if your education can’t create a real change and can’t produce a good idea, your degree is just piece of paper, real change equals with uncomfortable and your education is seen in your adapting process, when your behavior can educate yourself how to keep your creation is alive and brings meaningful story to other people's lives, means you must defend your good value because your behavior can become one of your best asset for future, I have ever reviewed many adult people start to educate their children when their children’s age turns 2-3 years old, when children can communicate with their parents, they start to educate their children how to play, how to write, how to read, how to write, but parents very rarely teaches their children how to make the environment is clean and how to cultivate children's spirituality with nature, here is for your note; a clean environment can evoke the children's habit and grow their spirituality, if we don’t teach children how to keep environment is clean, their spirituality don’t grow well.
real education teaches you how to discover the life's riddle and have a good personality

We must teach them how to clean the environment as soon as possible, without teaching children how to make the environment is clean and tidy, good education can’t be shaped without caring what children need the most, here is my special note for you; good education is started from the quality of your behavior, when your behavior can’t increase your curiosity and reject the truth, means you need to change your ritual and your social circle, we need to trust with a real change, sometimes a real change is really interrupting our comfort zone, that's good point, if we just follow what we love, our mental strength will reject new education, that’s very harmful to our mindset, don’t just put your lifestyle into a degree, not all degree can wake up your spirituality, you need to fight your darkness because the real enemy is coming from your ignorance and ignorance is born from your lack of curiosity towards God's wisdom.

A real change needs the hardest thing to do

Real change needs growing, mature and evolution

          Hi smart people, howdy? I hope you always have a good day, today I would like to share how to make a real change, the main reason why I choose that topic because many people are complaining how to make a real change, most of them think a real change will make everybody gets hurt and very pissed off because they will sacrifice many memories, they will leave old habit, they will leave a social circle, and many pleasant thing, it's true, if you say a real change is easy, it's not real change, the main reason why we need to take a real change in our lives because we will receive the life crisis if we just keep silent and do nothing magnificent, here is note for remembering us; “if we consider this life is offering the favorable thing, we can’t make a better life because a great thing lies in the hardest thing to do, when we prefer to choose living in the comfort zone, our greatness will get lost, if we say in reality, every comfort zone offers the favorable thing, not hardest thing” we must realize that life offers many opportunity in order to let us making a new evolution, “when we hate to accept new change or ignore a new challenge, we can’t create our wealth because we used to apply the fixed idea where it offers comfortable and the favorable thing”, no creature on earth can survive if they are waiting and don’t hunt something, every creature mustn’t be demanded by God to succeed at something, but they are just demanded by God to do something suitable for you, if the creatures only spend their time to wait and do nothing, they will perish soon.

But if we talk about human and their special ability, human is very different than the common creature, every human has been granted with a special intelligence although some people don't know how to use with their special intelligence, the main reason why people don't know how to make a real change because their paradigm are trapped with a small pleasure, like extra money, compensation, legacy, etc. they forget the worldly stuff can't help the real problem that every human is facing it, the human's real necessity is coming from spiritual intelligence, mental intelligence, emotional intelligence, intellectual intelligence and physical intelligence, there is no permanent  and fix condition in this life, when we behold water, fire, wind, and soil, they are moving from one place to another one, that's real change, when we don't adapt with  a real change, we will receive our weakness and our limitation, as a result, we will live poor, remember; a real change is used to make us stepped out from the circle of the darkness habit, the darkness's habit covers ignorance, indifferent, lazy, unproductive, doubt, fear, and satisfactionliving and surviving on earth is like someone is luring the fish with an impressive bait and using a fishing rod, he needs to prepare something attractive where it's used to catch the fish’s attention, we need to evolve our greatness by doing something bigger than our sense of satisfaction in every day.
Real change is not the same with spare change

There is no automation process will be available if there is no triggering effect, “when something great is happening on earth, all needs creator at the first step”, the creator is coming from the human’s growth mindset, sometimes we need to work like living in the hell, means, we work to improve our philosophy for several years in order to create a new creation without get paid, sometimes we need to suppress our satisfaction in order to evolve our intelligence, a real change needs our intelligence, remember this note; every new creation is accumulated from a real change and it needs the hardest thing to do, when we succeed to overcome our fear zone, we can triple the abundance of wealth such as idea, happiness, longevity health, wisdom, opportunity, etc. Sometimes every greatness lies on another side of our fear, here is my special note; a real change doesn’t need any luck, a real change needs a new productive habit, rejection, disappointment, huge setback and lifetime study, if we embrace with a real change, we will be stayed away from the life crisis.

Be the candle is not easy because you will burn your perfection

            Hi smart people, howdy? I hope you always have a good day, today I would like to share how to burn your perfection from your comfort zone by following the candle's principle, as we know the candle's principle is the candle's body is been useful when it's ignited by fire in the darkness area, fire is represented by knowledge, the human's perfection is represented by candlestick and the comfort zone is represented by the darkness area, "the more often people try to break their own perfection, they have to improve their knowledge as soon as possible, the more often people want to leave their comfort zone, the more often people will get their own fear in the comfort zone", means, the criteria how to step out from our comfort zone; we need to get hurt ourselves with got rejection, huge setback, insecure, bad judgment and unpleasant treatment under the unknown circumstance, when we passed the life's test and learn from the unpleasant treatment under the unknown circumstance, we succeed to break our comfort zone because the darkness area is bigger than human's imaginationthe main reason why we need to burn out our perfection because the comfort zone has blocked our vision how to create own wealth.

           Human must emerge their creation and make it alive in the reality world, the human’s basic wealth lies into the imagination area to born a new creation, but remember this note; creation is nothing happen if human have no passion, the human’s creation is like a picture in the canvas, it needs imagination to make it happen, whereas passion is like the paint stroke. human must possessed new tactic and strategy to prolong their passion before their creation will be extinguished with the human's comfort zone, whereas comfort zone offer us a restricted time to make an evolution, time will not compromise about what people will do because time is like the icewhether human will practice or not with their craft, time will extinguish the human’s creation, if people can't evoke their evolution in the restricted time, the human's masterpiece is gone, no wonder why the sage person in the past often told to the next generation "don't waste the time, it's precious", the human masterpiece will be born when evolution comes in the restricted time.

Starting today, people must know how to recognize their own comfort zone and people must know how to shape good personality in the long period of time because evolution needs good personality and good habit, human will meet a bigger comfort zone if people are just satisfying with small reward, self-breaking rule is not easy because it will hurt our mind and our peaceful heart, we must dare to challenge ourselves to face the uncomfortable journey, we need the adaptation before we are going to leave our fear zone, sometimes we need a hard situation in order to increase our knowledge, our curiosity and increase our wisdom, we must be thankful with the hard situation, without the sense of urged by facing the hard situation, we can't leave from the comfort zoneour major ability will decrease when we don’t practice it in the restricted time, here is the philosophy you need to apply in your life; the more often we use our major skill, the stronger skill it will be shaped.

You can’t get win the game if you just imagine how to play

          Hi smart people, good day, I hope you always a good day, today I would like to share about how to win the game, as we know life is offering many games, such as working at company as employee, working at stock market investor, the real estate investment agency, chef, banker, CEO, a tour guide, salesman, zookeeper, etc. all games are designed to educate human being how to survive and game is offering the highest expectation in order to let people stay in the same for long time without planning how to learn from any risk, in fact, there is no game can offer you a true happiness when the game offers the act of risk averse, a good game will give you the sense of pleasure whereas the spectacular game needs risk in order to persuade people to create wealth from their enthusiasm, in my insight; don't just play a safe game which tells you to satisfy the result in the short term period, as a result, your mentality won't grow, if you play a spectacular game which offers you a huge setback, difficult and risk, as a result, you will not be the same person again because you have enriched your skill with the unpleasant thing, i have ever shared in another articles, every game is designed to make you comfort, if you find the game which increases your sense of curiosity, your life will be so magnificent because you love to embrace new challenge and new problem, when you learn from problem, unwittingly your mind will encircle them with courage, discipline, determination, etc

If you really want to win the game of life, don’t just play the favorite game from most people whom played it earlier, you must try to play the unfavorable game, if you win the game that most people won’t try it, that’s your unique game, you must play the game of life which can’t stop your enthusiasm or it can increase your sense of unique, remember this note; the unique game will triple down your talent, whereas the safe game will stop your talent because it will prevent you to produce an idea from your imagination, you must create your own wealth by practicing over and over again and let your game will create the biggest contribution to other people's lives, the spectacular game doesn’t let the time to stop you even you have faced the failure over and over again, sometimes you need to isolate yourself from the pollution of crowded people in order to find your lost treasure in your mind, if you keep playing the game which can't increase your own creation, your mental age won’t grow up, don’t let it happen with you, you are only living once on earth, not twice, you must find your mastery by embracing a new problem that it can attract your great spirit, conquer that game’s strategy and rule the game's rule until your wisdom, your confidence and your aptitude are working for you.

Play the game of life what you choose, you work for your skill until the whole world are giving you a trust or some credits, here is the type of game I recommend you to play, the first game is “working for your freedom, not for a daily necessity", if you choose to work for your freedom, you will not get failure because you don't choose to taste it, I have seen many people's lives are trapped from their job because they work for necessity, when they spend their major time for it, they can't differentiate between past moment and the future's moment, it's very dangerous thing, the main reason why I recommend you not to work for a daily necessity because it will stop your self-mastery, but if you are willing to work harder for your freedom, time can't stop your mastery, finally your skill will attract big money for your freedom.

Never stop doing your best just because someone doesn’t give you credit

          Hi smart people, good day, I hope you always have a good day, today I would like to share about the statement “never stop doing your best just because there is someone doesn’t give you credit”, the main purpose why i choose that topic because not everyone wants to acknowledge their capability, when there is new chance hits their head, they lose that chance instead, the reason why people stop doing their best because they have expected from other people's credit, in fact, people's credit doesn't increase your wisdom, it's just fake appreciation, you need to embrace something where it can increase your mental strength, such as sweeping the floor, making a bed, waking up at 4 am then jogging, cleaning the water closet, etc. here is my daily note; when you keep doing something sucks every day although you don't really like to do it, as a result, your mental strength is going to grow, please don’t let your sense of creativity is crushed by waiting more appreciation from other people, remember this note; not all people’s credit can increase your creativity level because some of them have interrupted what you can do and some of them can’t do what you can do, when you distract your focus by receiving more credits from other people, unwittingly you have destroyed your major focus, remember this note; between you and other people have same amount of time (24 hour), during within that period, your major focus is decreasing little by little if you wait other people to give you some credits.

 You must ensure the activity you have done is bringing the different result between the result you had done yesterday with tomorrow’s target, if you just finished something easier and you repeated it over and over again, you make regression from your previous standard, imagine today is your last day on earth, don’t think about the greatest reward you had been given long time ago, but think about what you can leave after you are gone, if you just think about reward, your mind will stop learning and your mind will distress because you expect too much about result, but if you work for your legacy, your mind will attract something great and your life will be filled up with confidence, happiness, courage, wisdom, greatness, etc. Starting today, if you work for your satisfaction, you will not get something bigger than you were yesterday, but if you intend to work for other people’s dream, your life will not be the same again because your inner world receives the credits from the universe’s law.

If you spend your 24 hour to strengthen your mental intelligence, tomorrow you will receive a new strength, that’s sage's working style, "the more you do for the right thing, the more energy will flow to you and you will forget how to give up your retirement because your mental strength is bigger than your problem", here is for your note; act of waiting can decrease your enthusiasm and vitality, let other people find your legacy, you must create the artificial emergency plan as if you had had no time to wait, that's mindset you need to apply if you want all universe's law will work for you, don't let the same problem grows bigger than your expectation, you must not expect from the other people's expectation, when you shut down your expectation to human being, you will not feel disappointed and you will become a freedom man, here is my last note; don't just train for your skill, but train for your mindset as top priority, if you train for your skill, you will become robot, if you train your mindset, you will become a creator.

When you forgive, you heal yourself

          Hi smart people, good day, I hope you always have good day, today I would like to share how to forgive ourselves from the past unwanted condition and how to heal ourselves from the unwanted situation, as we know that every human has ever tasted the unpleasant thing, sometimes we can't deal with unpleasant thing because we always receive a safe game where it teaches you how to live cautiously in this life, remember this note; when you take a safe game only, you will never get healed from that condition because you don't need the pain, when you never get pain, you will stop learning something, finally you never get enlightened when you walk around in the society, in fact, the healing treatment is like the enlightenment's principle, when you never approach the enlightenment, you will be living in the darkness life, that's law, if we talk about spirituality, everything bad becomes good because it can be used to make you think better, work smarter and clean your mind from the mediocre treatment, remember this note; the sense of happiness can't be used as the good reference to recognize anybody's capability, all people need to be tested with adversity in order to measure how much lesson they can earn, if the sense of happiness is rewarded to every human being, how human give respond when the sense of happiness is gone, the true test of life are suffering, practice and adversity.

Remember this note; life will not ask you to like what you receive, but life will not stop giving you something different when you keep strengthen your resources until it is ready to be used up, only you can make your resourcefulness to be ready, don’t let your past injury will break your future hope, life doesn’t care when you don't care about your future, life will suppress your outer world if you don’t challenge your inner world to do something sucks, “the more you challenge yourself to work harder than you do on the job, the more you know what to do and not to do for your future”, everything what you deserve will be ready if you know how to handle other people's problem, your masterpiece will be meaningless if it can't be used to enlighten other people's ignorance, Almighty God will work for you if you have the life mission like what God has had, you must have the life mission in order to make your life is better, if you just curse something you have, you will be cursed when you don’t have something.

 Please heal yourself by not comparing something you have with something other people have, all you need to do if you want to heal yourself is “demanding yourself to possess new resources where most people don’t possess it, that’s the challenge how to improve your life mission”, sometimes forgiving what you don’t understand about new information is really irritated, but if you do not let go what makes you irritated, your mentality is going to grow, don’t let small mind will dominate your big mind which it is telling you to stop your learning process, wherever you are ready or not, life will lend you a challenge in order to clear your mind from the past injury, when you break your comfort zone, you will meet a bigger comfort zone where it is trying to stop your maturity, remember; money is problem, past is problem, time is problem, future is problem, if you act like the universe's principle, you will be healed automatically because the universe believes that you can solve problem.

When you feel like quitting, think about why you started

            Hi smart people, good day, I hope you always have a good day, today I would like to share how to hack our mind from the sense of quitting and how to restart our incomplete understanding towards a difficult problem, as we know human being are the emotional creature, they can do whatever they want to do, the problem is when they already found the dead end of their target, they don't bear enough to see a problem, they see the mental pain instead, as a result, they can't create differentiation between what they did in the past with the last result they keep doing, in my insight; "don't let failure and success come together to your mind, you must get rid them to the past, not in the present, if you possess the right mindset like that, I am sure you will forget how much tough time you need and you don’t know how to quit because you r mind enjoys in every moment of your elevation", we must have the unwavering faith when we start something new, the main reason why we must possess good faith because it can clear our mind from fogging of the past experience, we can't produce an idea when our mind is fulled up with the sense of distress or the sense of anxiety.

          Remember; making a new change is really hard because our mindset is not compatible with new resources, we need to adapt with new resources until our habit can reach the new resources, if we see in the reality, many people just start something new but they don't focus how to finish the process till the end, if we prefer to start and underestimate how to finish what we start, our mind will be haunted with the sense of quitting, that's frightening thing, here is the key how to remember what you start; don't think about the good thing will happen, but think what if your masterpiece is leaving you without notifying you before, your job is how to keep your momentum of skill is going, that's the most effective method how to control our mind from unwanted experience in the future, remember this note; the main cause why we feel quitting not because we can't continue what we start, but we always demand the result too early, when you demand the result too early, your mind goes dead because your mind can't absorb the new resources, in fact every new resources is used to attract the wealthy mind,  that's the application of the law of cause and effect.

         If you think money is the best solution, why do people still get hungry about money? because most people only pursue their satisfaction, not trying to fulfill their emotional intelligence, if you know the basic rule of the emotional intelligence's fundamental, you won't pursue money because you understand money can't be attracted with experience and knowledge only, but money can be attracted with masterpiece you have built and there is something valuable you deserved, you must remember that money has an authority, money needs the solution because money itself has own problem, so you must prepare that the quantity of money needs the quality of your emotional intelligence, if you feed your emotional intelligence with adversity, rejection, and mistake, then money will follow you because you have built the empty room for money, as i told earlier; money is problem, not best solution, here is the rule to let you move forward; your capability must be bigger than self-satisfaction, the more you inject your mind with bigger responsibility and bigger capability, the money will pursue you and you will forget about the sense of quitting.

Success is not final, failure is not fatal

stick your principle and apply to your daily ritual

          Hi smart people, good day, I hope you always have good day, today I would like to talk about the statement "success is not final, failure is not fatal", if we learn a bit about it, success is not part of your final journey, but success is the part of progress whereas failure is the part of regression, so this lesson will let you manage your time while you want to finish your goal, in my insight; don't just pursue the success model because not all success model is compatible with your skill, you need to create your wealthy mind by exploring what you need to know and stop doing something where it can stop you to deepen your understanding about your craft, you must ensure your happiness can't be exchanged with the worldly stuff or high rank at your career.

         If time can't stop you to do something valuable, you are on the right track, but if time can stop you during you shape your talent, means, you are not compatible with the success model you have followed, you must change your principle, improve your ritual and leave your old habit, success is not gift but it's like unstoppable practicing in the arena, human will never know when success or failure is coming first, we are just asked by God to prepare the best thing for our future, don’t let the wrong ritual keeps you stay away from your talent because it's part of Almighty God's favor, here is the philosophy you need to learn if you want to know your talent location; if you do something just because you need money or if you do something just because you need glory, that's not talent, the greatest talent is kind of God's gift where it can shape your personality until you can create your own creation without can be paid by this world.

          Creativity is the ultimate weapon where it’s given by God to human in order to guide human how to create something existed from nothing, the purpose why God gives the creativity to human because it will empower the human's work, remember this note; your happiness lies into your creativity, not success, if you work on your creativity, you will not get distress because your passion, talent and career work together, if you show your work hard just because you need the money, you will feel failure when you can't achieve your goal because your consciousness can't meet with your creativity, you must ensure your hard working is happening not because you consider it as your necessity, but you are happy to do that, at this phase, i just remind you that your daily habit doesn't know where your passion is going, so you just need to provide the empty space in your mind in order to fill up your vessel with passion.

          Failure is not fatal if you really happy with your work, but if you consider money as your goal, you will be chased by the failure when you can’t achieve your goal, please beware of what you pursue, money will come to you unexpected when you stay focus and work on your own creation, recharge your mind with the universe's law and learn from your limitation, "the more you detect your limitation area, the more you want to break your comfort zone, finally you receive more resources from the beauty of universe", success and failure are neutral, both can’t exchange the human’s resources, starting from now, please don’t think about success and failure first, all you need to do are exploring, learning, pondering, practicing as if you hadn't had much time.

If I still breathe of something, I don’t feel a failure

when habits keeps you work in progress, failure is keeping you stopped in progress

          Hi smart people, good day, I hope you always have a good day, today I would like to share how to maximize the self-potential when we feel failure at something, as we know that there are many excuses have been made by human being in order to avoid the same failure, in fact there is no real failure as long as you are reviving the progress, Almighty God will not let your masterpiece is being destroyed by the time, except your masterpiece will be exchanged with a better one, that's the rule you need to believe, as long as you are still breathing, there is no great failure will destroy your existence, the sense of regret is started to count when you are not allowed to breathe anymore, so don't think failure will be existed on earth, as long as you enjoy what you do, failure will never grow within your mindset, the biggest satisfaction may injure your mental age if you insist overflowing your satisfaction over your intelligence, so the failure is like the weed, you need to cut it out when it’s trying to grow, please remember this philosophy; if you are interested with the failure memory, you will drag along your past memory and your future is not going on with you, but if you are filling up your life with Almighty God's wisdom, your future is going on with you without any hesitation.
keep practice and make it as your lifestyle

          Starting today, "don’t count your eggs until they hatch, but try to monitor your chicken when it's trying to lay its eggs", means, "don’t count your failure when you have tried to embody your progress, if you just look the end result, you will let failure defeat your progress", there is no real failure as long as you keep monitoring your progress until it’s done, if you keep counting your failure, I worry you will lose your enthusiasm, in my insight; don’t let enthusiasm is losing its power because your legacy can’t grow up without it, everyone has the mist in their vision, failure is part of the mist and it is born from the fake imagination, don't let other people will put the negative opinion in your imagination, remember this note; breathing is like creativity, it can be dead and it can be revitalized any timebreathing means revivifying of new substance,  you can’t build your talent if you don't revitalize your good habit with significant knowledge, now your job is how to revitalize your skill with daily ritual because your future lies into it, here is for your note; your confidence, determination, knowledge and wisdom will not emerge with you if you grow your sense of failure, if you are tired of retrying, learn to rest, not quitting, when you show a lack of repetition, you will lack of enthusiasm.
you won't feel failure if you don't ignore your potential

         Self potential needs self control, self control needs calmness, calmness creates clarity, and clarity breeds mastery, that's law, don't let your potential is drowned by your small satisfaction, you need to clarify what your target, remember; don't let your creativity is leaving you behind, you won't get success if your consciousness can't merge with your creativity, you need several years to practice your craft every day until your creativity level is increasing and your passion can support your creativity, all depends on your ritual and your habit, if you don’t enjoy what you do, you must find another strategy or change your environment until it can support your creation, remember this note; creativity is not equal with money or the expensive stuff in the world because creativity is like having a privilege, not everyone has possess it, you must ensure your daily activity can support your career, when you enjoy your career, you will not feel failure anymore because you succeed to discard what the inessential thing within you.

Never let success gets to your head, never let failure gets to your heart

          Hi smart people, good day, I hope you always have a good day, today I would like to share the statement “never let success gets to your head and never let failure gets to your heart”, the meaning of the statement above mentioned is "don’t let your satisfaction will block your vision about success because success is not final and don't let failure will make you frustrated because every failure is not fatal as long as you keep trying on the right track, remember this note; "if you want to be pursued by the unstoppable wealth, don't think about failure and success first because they don't exist in your imagination, success and failure are just other people's opinion, not your inner world", you will get new problem if you keep thinking about failure and success, the most important thing is "you must create your own wealth as long as you are still alive, you can revive your sense of service with your own creation and help other people's lives with your service", life is not talking about how many resources you have been given, but life is talking about how many resources you deserve, if you behave like the universe's working principle, you are not risking your life by working for money because you are living in your own creation, not living on other people's creation, when you already find your self-control in your calmness, your mind will not hurt with your past and your mind will not distress with the future.

          I know that not all people will accept the failure, but that’s the ordinary people's mindset program, if you get failure over and over again, the problem is not what you have done, but the problem is you repeat what your standard always does, you need to raise your standard of knowledge and standard of curiosity, remember this philosophy; all divers must dive in their bodies into the water if they want to get a beautiful scenery in the seabed, means, they will not get success before they learn from the feedback, if they know they will face the high risk and scare to death in the seabed, why they keep doing that activity? The answer; they believe all beautiful thing will not happen in the easiest views, they believe there is no failure and success in their mind, that's reason why they can turn off their fear and change it into pleasure, please train your mind not to focus on the failure because all great things takes a lot of time to grow, here is for your note; you must be able to strengthen your mental intelligence and your aptitude if you want to keep walking in the life journey because not all roads are steady, don’t sell your pure heart to people or something that they don’t fill up your emotional intelligence, you will be disappointed if you keep going with them.

          In my insight, don’t just full up your satisfaction when your vessel is already full because your enthusiasm is going to decrease if you let your satisfaction is overflowing your intelligence, you must have agenda what you need to know or what make you exploring something, don’t take grudge when you get failure because there is no failure can make you disappointed, instead of the failure will educate you how to avoid more dangerous ahead, let the time will be your special guest, if you consider time will become your VIP guest, time will not disappoint you anymore because time provides what you deserve, not giving your ordinary wants.