A real change needs the hardest thing to do

Real change needs growing, mature and evolution

          Hi smart people, howdy? I hope you always have a good day, today I would like to share how to make a real change, the main reason why I choose that topic because many people are complaining how to make a real change, most of them think a real change will make everybody gets hurt and very pissed off because they will sacrifice many memories, they will leave old habit, they will leave a social circle, and many pleasant thing, it's true, if you say a real change is easy, it's not real change, the main reason why we need to take a real change in our lives because we will receive the life crisis if we just keep silent and do nothing magnificent, here is note for remembering us; “if we consider this life is offering the favorable thing, we can’t make a better life because a great thing lies in the hardest thing to do, when we prefer to choose living in the comfort zone, our greatness will get lost, if we say in reality, every comfort zone offers the favorable thing, not hardest thing” we must realize that life offers many opportunity in order to let us making a new evolution, “when we hate to accept new change or ignore a new challenge, we can’t create our wealth because we used to apply the fixed idea where it offers comfortable and the favorable thing”, no creature on earth can survive if they are waiting and don’t hunt something, every creature mustn’t be demanded by God to succeed at something, but they are just demanded by God to do something suitable for you, if the creatures only spend their time to wait and do nothing, they will perish soon.

But if we talk about human and their special ability, human is very different than the common creature, every human has been granted with a special intelligence although some people don't know how to use with their special intelligence, the main reason why people don't know how to make a real change because their paradigm are trapped with a small pleasure, like extra money, compensation, legacy, etc. they forget the worldly stuff can't help the real problem that every human is facing it, the human's real necessity is coming from spiritual intelligence, mental intelligence, emotional intelligence, intellectual intelligence and physical intelligence, there is no permanent  and fix condition in this life, when we behold water, fire, wind, and soil, they are moving from one place to another one, that's real change, when we don't adapt with  a real change, we will receive our weakness and our limitation, as a result, we will live poor, remember; a real change is used to make us stepped out from the circle of the darkness habit, the darkness's habit covers ignorance, indifferent, lazy, unproductive, doubt, fear, and satisfactionliving and surviving on earth is like someone is luring the fish with an impressive bait and using a fishing rod, he needs to prepare something attractive where it's used to catch the fish’s attention, we need to evolve our greatness by doing something bigger than our sense of satisfaction in every day.
Real change is not the same with spare change

There is no automation process will be available if there is no triggering effect, “when something great is happening on earth, all needs creator at the first step”, the creator is coming from the human’s growth mindset, sometimes we need to work like living in the hell, means, we work to improve our philosophy for several years in order to create a new creation without get paid, sometimes we need to suppress our satisfaction in order to evolve our intelligence, a real change needs our intelligence, remember this note; every new creation is accumulated from a real change and it needs the hardest thing to do, when we succeed to overcome our fear zone, we can triple the abundance of wealth such as idea, happiness, longevity health, wisdom, opportunity, etc. Sometimes every greatness lies on another side of our fear, here is my special note; a real change doesn’t need any luck, a real change needs a new productive habit, rejection, disappointment, huge setback and lifetime study, if we embrace with a real change, we will be stayed away from the life crisis.