Be the candle is not easy because you will burn your perfection

            Hi smart people, howdy? I hope you always have a good day, today I would like to share how to burn your perfection from your comfort zone by following the candle's principle, as we know the candle's principle is the candle's body is been useful when it's ignited by fire in the darkness area, fire is represented by knowledge, the human's perfection is represented by candlestick and the comfort zone is represented by the darkness area, "the more often people try to break their own perfection, they have to improve their knowledge as soon as possible, the more often people want to leave their comfort zone, the more often people will get their own fear in the comfort zone", means, the criteria how to step out from our comfort zone; we need to get hurt ourselves with got rejection, huge setback, insecure, bad judgment and unpleasant treatment under the unknown circumstance, when we passed the life's test and learn from the unpleasant treatment under the unknown circumstance, we succeed to break our comfort zone because the darkness area is bigger than human's imaginationthe main reason why we need to burn out our perfection because the comfort zone has blocked our vision how to create own wealth.

           Human must emerge their creation and make it alive in the reality world, the human’s basic wealth lies into the imagination area to born a new creation, but remember this note; creation is nothing happen if human have no passion, the human’s creation is like a picture in the canvas, it needs imagination to make it happen, whereas passion is like the paint stroke. human must possessed new tactic and strategy to prolong their passion before their creation will be extinguished with the human's comfort zone, whereas comfort zone offer us a restricted time to make an evolution, time will not compromise about what people will do because time is like the icewhether human will practice or not with their craft, time will extinguish the human’s creation, if people can't evoke their evolution in the restricted time, the human's masterpiece is gone, no wonder why the sage person in the past often told to the next generation "don't waste the time, it's precious", the human masterpiece will be born when evolution comes in the restricted time.

Starting today, people must know how to recognize their own comfort zone and people must know how to shape good personality in the long period of time because evolution needs good personality and good habit, human will meet a bigger comfort zone if people are just satisfying with small reward, self-breaking rule is not easy because it will hurt our mind and our peaceful heart, we must dare to challenge ourselves to face the uncomfortable journey, we need the adaptation before we are going to leave our fear zone, sometimes we need a hard situation in order to increase our knowledge, our curiosity and increase our wisdom, we must be thankful with the hard situation, without the sense of urged by facing the hard situation, we can't leave from the comfort zoneour major ability will decrease when we don’t practice it in the restricted time, here is the philosophy you need to apply in your life; the more often we use our major skill, the stronger skill it will be shaped.