Distance lets you know who is worth keeping and who is worth letting go

          Hi smart people, good day, today I would like to share how to find self-identity and self-knowledge, the main purpose why I choose that topic because there are many people don’t know how to find good comrades, so in their social circle, they only find a friend, not the valuable friend, as a result, they can’t keep relationship with the worth person because they don’t know which the type of person they should go with, remember this note; your quality of your mind is determined by your social circle, the millionaire mindset can turn into the penny mindset if there is someone just follows what the majority of people do, not following the positive habit or the right mindset, if you have the trustworthy people around you, you will not lose them although they are going far away, so here is the key; make a distance is not problem as long as other people keep faith with youif people say the long distance is the main cause of the relationship’s problem, I am telling you the main cause of the relationship's breaking is not coming from the long distance, but it’s coming from the dishonest people habit, for example; if you are left by your spouse because she is saying she can't bear with a long distance relationship with you, means she doesn’t deserve to get your purity love because your love is not worthy to be left, it’s simple method.

No one will be able to bear making the long-lasting of love relationship except every couple has the ability to respect each other and having the openness of their mind, if the unknown people who don’t know about you, but they keep respecting about you although you don't know them, they are included as the worthy people to be respected, don't be sad when you are left by other people because there are still many people who want to be part of your life, here is the rule you need to know; only dishonest people will leave the honesty people because the dishonest people's devil are irritated with the honesty people's angel, so when you are abandoned because you have shown your dignity to them, means other people will lose you, not you lose them, here is philosophy you need to ponder; the more you find yourself, the more people will lose you, means, once you have found a good lesson for your soul and other people will label you as weird because you are stepping ahead of their standard of thinking.

Your mind can’t get free if you don't have enough time to make self-thinking time, sometimes you need to stay away from the pollution of information where it is manufactured by the people who possess negative mindset, making a mile distance is very important because it can give you self-quality thinking time in order to measure how far your principle can go, how far valuable your life can walk and how to make a wise decision, here is the philosophy; “the same problem you often repeated does not mean because you have no time to solve the problem, but you are addicted with same problem and you don’t want to make an empty space between self-thinking's space and the problem’s space”, sometimes you need to go out of town for temporary not because you will run away, but you need to refresh your mind from the pollution of mind where it’s manufactured by past problem.