Everything has beauty, but not everyone sees it

           Hi smart people, howdy? I hope you always have a good day, today I would like to share about the topic "everything has beauty, but not everyone sees it", the main reason why not everyone can see a beauty in this life because they used to live with appraisal, promotion and recognition, people who are treated such thing is most likely a desperate person or a lifeless machine because some of them are not used to cultivate their mind with appreciation, self-motivation, respect and self-reliance, in the daily ritual, the desperate people can't see the beautiful life because they tend to receive more reward than they can give something useful, man who can't see the beautiful life because he stays lingering for too long in the kid zone, so whatever they do, they play a safe game, remember this note; the main cause is not situated at what the desperate people see, but the problem is coming from lack of curiosity to fulfill their spiritual needsas normal human being, we must create a contingency plan in order to avoid the unwanted condition, like the wise man said "when there is nobody with plan, one plans to fail"

  Don't let your emotion is making a total mess to your life, you need to control your focus at the top priority, even though you can't see beautiful thing around you, all you need to do is finding the credible people that you trust the most, you can contemplate for moment about the ritual you did in the past and you can prepare the worst preparation in order to counter the unexpected setback in the future, please beware, sometimes fixed mindset and stumbling block will shut down your vision when it’s trying to make new opportunity. The main reason why the majority of people still can’t detect the beautiful life because they often express “why I have to live like this?”, “why am I going to do this?, this it isn’t for me, the water too cold, the sun too hot, it’s going to hurt me, “I don’t like this”, “I don’t deserve it”, based on the statement like that, it describes that people always look for blame and excuse when they can’t find the explicit answer, I myself have ever experienced with the unpleasant thing, what I do to rescue my healthy mind is not looking back what I had done in the past, furthermore, I do soul-searching and I create something I haven’t done before, I keep this ritual over 3 years, finally I find my life mission "paint the world's color with peace".

Remember this note; sometimes the biggest problem and the biggest solution are situated at your dream zone, you need to make yourself self-motivated, don't let your negative emotion will drive you to go somewhere that you don't take it, every beauty in life can’t be created with our weakness and our limitation, every beauty already been there before the human is born on earth, the beautiful life offers many rewards that people don't understand it, the same thing like the purpose of problem's existence, every problem is not designed to hurt people's life, but problem is designed to offers the beautiful solution, without facing new problem, people can't see the difference between solution and problem, remember this note; the beauty will not come out suddenly without any triggering effect, it just likes the rainbow, it will come out after the storm is gone.

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