Failure is not the opposite of success, it is part of success

          Hi smart people, good day, I hope you always have a good day, today I would like to share about the purpose of failure, we all know that failure is often being rejected and it never be rewarded by most people because they think failure is the sign of weaknesses, if this statement is true, why rich people prefer to make mistake? because having new mistake can grow up their mental age, in order to receive more profit, we need to sacrifice with our major time, physical pain, mental pain and habit to fulfill the requirement, so if you feel failure, don't go down easily because failure is just the sign that your journey isn't completed yet, so you need to continue introducing yourself until you no longer need it, don’t just follow a success model because that’s idea will not give you a lot of pleasure, remember; the biggest success model is coming from the universe’s law and all creatures who are living within, the universe is perfect model and the greatest thing comes up in progress, not instant process, if you don’t want to see any failure, you will get everlasting failure in your imagination, failure is divided by two kind; the unproductive mistake and the productive mistake.

          The unproductive mistake is kind of the mistake where it is designed to make you stuck between the your dilemma and your daily necessity, as a result, the situation has drowned your enthusiasm and you don’t dare to pursue your dream, if you want to get a better result, you need to train your mindset to embrace new responsibility and create the productive mistake such as reading book, do some researches, practice your craft, remember this note; don't let failure will drown your enthusiasm because it is the ultimate power where it’s used to create differentiation between what you do and where your passion is going, if you just work to earn money only, your journey is finished and you will never get a new accomplishment, a new recognition and a new promotion from Almighty Godmake sure you get knowledge during you failed at new trial, remember this note; behind the failure scene, your knowledge is increasing, your experience is increasing and your emotional intelligence is increasing, unfortunately major people don’t want to taste the lesson of failure, so they will not get the better reward, you must be thankful when you get something irritated from the failure experience because the hardest thing are often offering blessings in disguise.

When you just use your time to wait the result, life will default your goal, you must ensure your ritual leads your passion to the new era where your special ability is growing up and it becomes your best partner in life, here is my daily note; when you invest your time to practice, try and fail again, your life journey will never get the same failure again because failure is leveraging your career and you get smarter than before, failure has two kind of purpose; the first purpose; the failure empowers your knowledge and strengthen your mental age, the second purpose; failure indicates that you need to leave your bad habit and fill your days by doing something valuable, remember this note;  the most important thing in life is when career, enthusiasm and passion come together, when it’s happening to you, you will become the unstoppable person because you already succeed to fight your own darkness, if you don’t want to fight your own darkness, probably you will get the permanent failure because you let darkness defeat you without holding back.


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