Falling down is an accident, staying down is a choice

          Hi smart people, Howdy, I hope you always have a good day, today I would like to share how to pick up the clue when we face the unexpected accident, as we know everybody has mist in their mind, so every time human are facing a new problem, they will feel down and unexcited, as we know that every human being can't escape from adversity because it's part of the life test, now the question "why God insists to give the life test to human being?" in order to know whether human will run with it or learn from it, some failures and adversity are inevitable because there is no perfection will occur in the human’s life, sometimes the life accident or disaster is irrevocable, the main problem why we keep falling down over, over and over again because we lack of curiosity about what to do after falling down, and also we stay committed to fall down in the same place, finally we will never get remedy.

All we need to do if we want to get up after falling down is don’t trust your memory and start to make your own luck by sharing what you know and what you can do in the other people's behalf, even though not everybody can escape from the life disaster, when other people got accident, at least we will heal their memory with the inspirational story, not blaming them because of their carelessness, remember this note; we can’t replace the last mistake with new mistake, every mistake is created not to make us more stupidity, but it will get us smarter, we must change our philosophy when we got the life disaster, we will never get a lesson if we don't make a mistake, don't let the worst mistake will make us fall down deeperwe need to find answer how to stop walking to the wrong track and start to find the valuable informationplease remember; not all accident indicate that you are walking in the wrong track, sometimes every mistake will help you to break your limitation and rectify the wrong belief that you apply, the healing process will approach you when you stop doing the wrong thing, that's the purpose of life accident.

We can’t change our last mistake because every mistake is marked to let us know that we will fell down again if we repeat the historysometimes we need to sacrifice our beloved thing such as old habit and the wrong ritual in order to get new silence of the mind, the real change must be difficult at the first trial but after we are at the end journey, we will get the beauty of life, starting from now, don’t consider failure as enemy, but consider the failure is like an alarm which it is reminding you not to lose your focus on the right track again, there is no real mistake is designed to destroy the humans career because it's crystallization of the growth mind.


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