How to stop feeling like a failure

          Hi smart people, I hope you always have a good day, today I would like to share how to stop feeling like a failure, the main purpose why I choose that topic because not everyone will feel good when they get failure, but let me explain why most people feel like a failure, the first possibility; the people's satisfaction is overflowing its limitation and drowning their enthusiasm, the second possibility; they don't focus on the exit strategy, another reason why failure keeps happening to the majority of people because they lack of repetition and lack of curiosity, here is the key; the failure will not happen to you as long as you don't lose your enthusiasmyou must build your own enthusiasm first while you are approaching the life's tough challenge because the power of enthusiasm is making your spirit alive, here is the clue; a memory will not make you feeling better because memory always keeps you staying in yesterday zone, not today or tomorrow, if you stay longer in yesterday zone, unwittingly you grow up the failure's seed in your mind because failure is staying in yesterday's zone only.

          The universe’s law is the biggest success model you need to approach, there is no such other success model can represent the universe’s existence, it's designed by God to serve what human need to control their own destiny, in my opinion; improving the faith is the kind of a better decision how to make a better life, please remember note; failure will arrive in our time when we keep believing that there is no different time between what we attempted  and what we implanted in the past, so when you feel like no hope or no future, you must have strong reason why you started your attempting in the long time process, as human being, we only have one option; run from adversity or learn from adversity, in my opinion; seeking the truth is the answer how to stop listening a little devil where he is keep yelling to our ears, don’t let your vision is being extinguished by other people’s negative feeling or new circumstance, all you need to do is making your faith walking into the right track and create a small higher step to make alter your resources is  ready to be used in the future (you can learn from the stair's philosophy; it's teaching you how to make different step and different standard).
failure is the method how to unleash your potential

          As long as you are still breathing, failure is not happening, there is no real failure will be happening when you put your good feeling into the scope area you want to get in, failure is just kind of the incomplete process, when you don’t achieve what you are aiming, your doubt will get biggerfailure is just the sign that you need a confidence booster, you can get the confidence by booster by having clarity in your mind, failure is the feedback of learning, if you consider a feedback as stepping stone, you always win no matter how much hard time you have, here is for your note; when you lack of hope, you are leaving your talent and your gift, the power of hope will make you alive when you have no time to remind your setback.


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