If I still breathe of something, I don’t feel a failure

when habits keeps you work in progress, failure is keeping you stopped in progress

          Hi smart people, good day, I hope you always have a good day, today I would like to share how to maximize the self-potential when we feel failure at something, as we know that there are many excuses have been made by human being in order to avoid the same failure, in fact there is no real failure as long as you are reviving the progress, Almighty God will not let your masterpiece is being destroyed by the time, except your masterpiece will be exchanged with a better one, that's the rule you need to believe, as long as you are still breathing, there is no great failure will destroy your existence, the sense of regret is started to count when you are not allowed to breathe anymore, so don't think failure will be existed on earth, as long as you enjoy what you do, failure will never grow within your mindset, the biggest satisfaction may injure your mental age if you insist overflowing your satisfaction over your intelligence, so the failure is like the weed, you need to cut it out when it’s trying to grow, please remember this philosophy; if you are interested with the failure memory, you will drag along your past memory and your future is not going on with you, but if you are filling up your life with Almighty God's wisdom, your future is going on with you without any hesitation.
keep practice and make it as your lifestyle

          Starting today, "don’t count your eggs until they hatch, but try to monitor your chicken when it's trying to lay its eggs", means, "don’t count your failure when you have tried to embody your progress, if you just look the end result, you will let failure defeat your progress", there is no real failure as long as you keep monitoring your progress until it’s done, if you keep counting your failure, I worry you will lose your enthusiasm, in my insight; don’t let enthusiasm is losing its power because your legacy can’t grow up without it, everyone has the mist in their vision, failure is part of the mist and it is born from the fake imagination, don't let other people will put the negative opinion in your imagination, remember this note; breathing is like creativity, it can be dead and it can be revitalized any timebreathing means revivifying of new substance,  you can’t build your talent if you don't revitalize your good habit with significant knowledge, now your job is how to revitalize your skill with daily ritual because your future lies into it, here is for your note; your confidence, determination, knowledge and wisdom will not emerge with you if you grow your sense of failure, if you are tired of retrying, learn to rest, not quitting, when you show a lack of repetition, you will lack of enthusiasm.
you won't feel failure if you don't ignore your potential

         Self potential needs self control, self control needs calmness, calmness creates clarity, and clarity breeds mastery, that's law, don't let your potential is drowned by your small satisfaction, you need to clarify what your target, remember; don't let your creativity is leaving you behind, you won't get success if your consciousness can't merge with your creativity, you need several years to practice your craft every day until your creativity level is increasing and your passion can support your creativity, all depends on your ritual and your habit, if you don’t enjoy what you do, you must find another strategy or change your environment until it can support your creation, remember this note; creativity is not equal with money or the expensive stuff in the world because creativity is like having a privilege, not everyone has possess it, you must ensure your daily activity can support your career, when you enjoy your career, you will not feel failure anymore because you succeed to discard what the inessential thing within you.