Look at what you have, not what you don’t have

value your idea and make it work in your daily life

          Hi smart people, howdy? I hope you always have a good day, today I would like to share the statement “how to look at what you have, not what you don’t have”, the meaning of that statement is “maximize your curiosity to collect new experience in order to revitalize what you have and don’t complain with your limitation because it's designed by your own creation”, basically every human has limitation, but the main problem is not all people want to break it, the reason why they don't want to break it because their fearfulness is bigger than their willingness, in fact, every limitation is designed to protect your vision and help you to detect the dangerous thing, but in the other hand, limitation can make you stop learning new thing, you must beware about your limitationif you just push your limitation to do something difficult, as a result, your mental strength is decreasing and you will lose your enthusiasm in the long period of time because your resource is not ready to face the difficult thing which is bigger than your capacity, you have to remove your unnecessary habit where it can't support your skill, don't change yourself when the life already hit you with severe treatment, but change yourself before the life hits you with it, before you break your limitation, you need to struggle how to leave your comfort zone and stay learning in the fear zone in order to adapt your mentality at the uncomfortable zone, if you don't make it, you will lose what you have.
Focus on what you have, don't focus on what you don't have

You must train your resources constantly in order to endure the mental pain which may injure what you can do in the long term plan, that’s requirement how to defend your good value, if you don’t prepare something big, your limitation will convince you to keep staying in the comfort zone and do nothing meaningful, in my personal experience; don't worry about the mental pain, it's designed to increase your endurable skill, before you complain about something you don’t possess, you need to fix your mindset how to make yourself is ready to accept big challenge, remember this note; the life test is given by God to you in order to endure your potential and warn you to prepare the big plan ahead, if you don't prepare yourself earlier, there is upcoming disaster will be ready to crush your opportunity and you will be trapped in the severe regret for long period of time, if you just compare something what you don’t have with other people who have something bigger than yours, you will lose your dignity and lose your self-respect, remember this note; don’t just become successful person, but try to become a man of value where your legacy will work together with future.
Giving a good service makes the difference to your life experience

The people who realize about their limitation, they will not let their limitation size is bigger than before, people will set bigger target in order to break the previous limitation and they will live in their fear zone until they can handle how to make their fearful is gone, that’s life tough challenge, if you keep looking at what you have, you will never abandon something what you don't have before, here is for your note; a big problem can provide a new happiness for you when your skill feels confident to absorb a big problem, I may take conclusion; happiness doesn't contain the solution, but when your capability size is bigger than your own problem, it creates happiness, starting today, please take care of what you have, sometimes God insists you to keep what you have because He trusts you can handle the problem on it, not to other people, if you work on your potential, your potential will work for attracting big money.   


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