Miracles happen to those who believe in them

          Hi smart people, howdy? I hope you always have a good day, today I would like to share the title “miracles happen to those who believe in them”, the meaning of that the statement is "miracles happen in the reality when people are fulfilling the relentless effort", if we talk about the miracle, we must check our preparation whether it's compatible or not with the miracle's demand because it needs our constantly effort and our patience, remember; every miracle doesn't happen in our time calculation, but it's accumulated from God's calculation, that's the key, miracle is superpower where it stays to the unimaginable effort, it's God's authority, the human’s activity is started in the reality world, not in the spirituality world, if you want to know how to welcome the miracle, you mustn't waste your time the meaningless purpose, don’t let your hope stays in the spirituality world for too long, you must train your mind to discipline in every aspect of life, such as harmony, spirituality, calmness, love, wisdom and unwavering commitment.

When you have family, you can teach them how to create the miracle, you need to make sure your beloved people have a inspired dream to support the way of miracle, ask them to write down their inspired dream into paper and teach them how to make a good habit, identify their strong point and weak point, face uncomfortable treatment and how to build enthusiasm, that’s requirement, let they make a practice until they know what they need to prepare and teach them how to embrace failure fundamentally, when they make a progress, you can give them some appreciation, don’t let your beloved people hate about failure because it will stop them to keep trying again and again, you need to make sure your beloved people don’t lose their enthusiasm because the sense of enthusiasm can create the differentiation, the miracle will flow it's energy when you decide to divorce with your past and marry with future, means, you need to keep faith, focus with progress, don't look back with anger and believe with God's plan, here is my special note; miracle doesn't need your plan or your ego, miracle really needs your seriousness, good manner, the clarity of mind and calmness, if dream is making you are reborn to have a better personality than before, means, you have been granted a key to access the powerful dream.
Miracle is like the seed where it's buried to be alive

If you consider your life is like going to work and get the money only, everything you see around like the nail, your head will be hit with hammer until you are trapped forever in your own comfort zone, but if you consider your life is like collecting new experience, everything you see around like the miracle because you are not afraid to get failure and you know how to handle self-willed from the sense of despair, in my personal experience; don’t just look for miracle, you need to work at the wisdom zone where it teaches you how to behave positively and grow your adventurous spirit, besides that, good job is not teaching you how to earn money, but it teaches you how to attract the miracle, after that, let the miracle works for you and help you to attract a big money, if you want the miracle really happens in every day, you must leave the past memory, work like the seed and you do something when most people don't do.


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