Never let success gets to your head, never let failure gets to your heart

          Hi smart people, good day, I hope you always have a good day, today I would like to share the statement “never let success gets to your head and never let failure gets to your heart”, the meaning of the statement above mentioned is "don’t let your satisfaction will block your vision about success because success is not final and don't let failure will make you frustrated because every failure is not fatal as long as you keep trying on the right track, remember this note; "if you want to be pursued by the unstoppable wealth, don't think about failure and success first because they don't exist in your imagination, success and failure are just other people's opinion, not your inner world", you will get new problem if you keep thinking about failure and success, the most important thing is "you must create your own wealth as long as you are still alive, you can revive your sense of service with your own creation and help other people's lives with your service", life is not talking about how many resources you have been given, but life is talking about how many resources you deserve, if you behave like the universe's working principle, you are not risking your life by working for money because you are living in your own creation, not living on other people's creation, when you already find your self-control in your calmness, your mind will not hurt with your past and your mind will not distress with the future.

          I know that not all people will accept the failure, but that’s the ordinary people's mindset program, if you get failure over and over again, the problem is not what you have done, but the problem is you repeat what your standard always does, you need to raise your standard of knowledge and standard of curiosity, remember this philosophy; all divers must dive in their bodies into the water if they want to get a beautiful scenery in the seabed, means, they will not get success before they learn from the feedback, if they know they will face the high risk and scare to death in the seabed, why they keep doing that activity? The answer; they believe all beautiful thing will not happen in the easiest views, they believe there is no failure and success in their mind, that's reason why they can turn off their fear and change it into pleasure, please train your mind not to focus on the failure because all great things takes a lot of time to grow, here is for your note; you must be able to strengthen your mental intelligence and your aptitude if you want to keep walking in the life journey because not all roads are steady, don’t sell your pure heart to people or something that they don’t fill up your emotional intelligence, you will be disappointed if you keep going with them.

          In my insight, don’t just full up your satisfaction when your vessel is already full because your enthusiasm is going to decrease if you let your satisfaction is overflowing your intelligence, you must have agenda what you need to know or what make you exploring something, don’t take grudge when you get failure because there is no failure can make you disappointed, instead of the failure will educate you how to avoid more dangerous ahead, let the time will be your special guest, if you consider time will become your VIP guest, time will not disappoint you anymore because time provides what you deserve, not giving your ordinary wants.