Never stop doing your best just because someone doesn’t give you credit

          Hi smart people, good day, I hope you always have a good day, today I would like to share about the statement “never stop doing your best just because there is someone doesn’t give you credit”, the main purpose why i choose that topic because not everyone wants to acknowledge their capability, when there is new chance hits their head, they lose that chance instead, the reason why people stop doing their best because they have expected from other people's credit, in fact, people's credit doesn't increase your wisdom, it's just fake appreciation, you need to embrace something where it can increase your mental strength, such as sweeping the floor, making a bed, waking up at 4 am then jogging, cleaning the water closet, etc. here is my daily note; when you keep doing something sucks every day although you don't really like to do it, as a result, your mental strength is going to grow, please don’t let your sense of creativity is crushed by waiting more appreciation from other people, remember this note; not all people’s credit can increase your creativity level because some of them have interrupted what you can do and some of them can’t do what you can do, when you distract your focus by receiving more credits from other people, unwittingly you have destroyed your major focus, remember this note; between you and other people have same amount of time (24 hour), during within that period, your major focus is decreasing little by little if you wait other people to give you some credits.

 You must ensure the activity you have done is bringing the different result between the result you had done yesterday with tomorrow’s target, if you just finished something easier and you repeated it over and over again, you make regression from your previous standard, imagine today is your last day on earth, don’t think about the greatest reward you had been given long time ago, but think about what you can leave after you are gone, if you just think about reward, your mind will stop learning and your mind will distress because you expect too much about result, but if you work for your legacy, your mind will attract something great and your life will be filled up with confidence, happiness, courage, wisdom, greatness, etc. Starting today, if you work for your satisfaction, you will not get something bigger than you were yesterday, but if you intend to work for other people’s dream, your life will not be the same again because your inner world receives the credits from the universe’s law.

If you spend your 24 hour to strengthen your mental intelligence, tomorrow you will receive a new strength, that’s sage's working style, "the more you do for the right thing, the more energy will flow to you and you will forget how to give up your retirement because your mental strength is bigger than your problem", here is for your note; act of waiting can decrease your enthusiasm and vitality, let other people find your legacy, you must create the artificial emergency plan as if you had had no time to wait, that's mindset you need to apply if you want all universe's law will work for you, don't let the same problem grows bigger than your expectation, you must not expect from the other people's expectation, when you shut down your expectation to human being, you will not feel disappointed and you will become a freedom man, here is my last note; don't just train for your skill, but train for your mindset as top priority, if you train for your skill, you will become robot, if you train your mindset, you will become a creator.

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