Prayer is the key to heaven but faith unlocks the door of miracle

          Hi smart people, good day, today I would like to share how to unlock the power of faith and how to use the human's faith to embody something substance from the unprecedented event, as we know the power of faith is the part of the human’s ultimate resources, let me give you the statement that you need to ponder; “when smart person doesn’t know how to prepare with their upcoming target in the future, he will give his chance to the stupid person who knows how to plan and how to execute the goal”, please beware of your power of faith usage because it may attract something invisible and unexpected thing, here is the faith’s principle; manifest something into reality from something invisible, on other side, the power of faith will not work what we desire before we stay devoted with it, in my opinion; make sure you know the rule how to use your power of faith such as daily ritual, when you commit on the wrong ritual, your spiritual can't escape easily, remember this note; the miracle is coming when you run your major time by having a good ritual, the sign of good ritual is bringing serenity, love, curiosity, and happiness.

Remember this note; there is no obstacle will stop our power of faith to manifest something from nothing exists, except we ourselves force to stop it, by all means; as long as our breath still exhales in the air, the power of faith keeps alive and the opportunity will support us to do what our desire wants, on the other hand, when we disbelief with our dream, what we imagine of something will disappear and also time will crush the opportunity, here is my daily note; the miracle of life will happen when we expect higher than our hope, besides that expectation needs strong evidence from our commitment, the human’s faith will let the mental intelligence and physical intelligence to work together if we give both the right path, we can apply the worm's philosophy if you want your faith will work for you, "the worm always help the roots to find the air current and water supply", so you need to create a clear goal until your resources will work for you, this phase is not easy to do because our job is to make sure the power of faith is steady in the long period of timehere is a good news when we empower the power of faith; we forget how to give up because we strengthen our power of faith with courage, commitment, patience and curiosity.
The Miracle will happen when we nourish its seed like we grow the tree

 I just want to remind you that the door of miracle needs clear purpose from our imagination, another key to unlock the door of miracle besides the power of faith, the miracle needs a clear purpose’s existence where you want to bring it together with you in the future, remember this note; a clear purpose not only defines what we do, but also it defines what we can’t do, sometimes we forget what we can’t do is being accomplished by Almighty God, so when we keep believing to Him only, everything will happen as purposely, here is the most difficult problem most people havemost people often swap their power of faith by buying a big satisfaction, the main reason why they keep doing that because they don't want to know where their power of faith are leading forward, the majority of people just believe with the human's wisdom, but not believing with God's wisdom, finally they lose enthusiasm how to make life design.

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