Success is not final, failure is not fatal

stick your principle and apply to your daily ritual

          Hi smart people, good day, I hope you always have good day, today I would like to talk about the statement "success is not final, failure is not fatal", if we learn a bit about it, success is not part of your final journey, but success is the part of progress whereas failure is the part of regression, so this lesson will let you manage your time while you want to finish your goal, in my insight; don't just pursue the success model because not all success model is compatible with your skill, you need to create your wealthy mind by exploring what you need to know and stop doing something where it can stop you to deepen your understanding about your craft, you must ensure your happiness can't be exchanged with the worldly stuff or high rank at your career.

         If time can't stop you to do something valuable, you are on the right track, but if time can stop you during you shape your talent, means, you are not compatible with the success model you have followed, you must change your principle, improve your ritual and leave your old habit, success is not gift but it's like unstoppable practicing in the arena, human will never know when success or failure is coming first, we are just asked by God to prepare the best thing for our future, don’t let the wrong ritual keeps you stay away from your talent because it's part of Almighty God's favor, here is the philosophy you need to learn if you want to know your talent location; if you do something just because you need money or if you do something just because you need glory, that's not talent, the greatest talent is kind of God's gift where it can shape your personality until you can create your own creation without can be paid by this world.

          Creativity is the ultimate weapon where it’s given by God to human in order to guide human how to create something existed from nothing, the purpose why God gives the creativity to human because it will empower the human's work, remember this note; your happiness lies into your creativity, not success, if you work on your creativity, you will not get distress because your passion, talent and career work together, if you show your work hard just because you need the money, you will feel failure when you can't achieve your goal because your consciousness can't meet with your creativity, you must ensure your hard working is happening not because you consider it as your necessity, but you are happy to do that, at this phase, i just remind you that your daily habit doesn't know where your passion is going, so you just need to provide the empty space in your mind in order to fill up your vessel with passion.

          Failure is not fatal if you really happy with your work, but if you consider money as your goal, you will be chased by the failure when you can’t achieve your goal, please beware of what you pursue, money will come to you unexpected when you stay focus and work on your own creation, recharge your mind with the universe's law and learn from your limitation, "the more you detect your limitation area, the more you want to break your comfort zone, finally you receive more resources from the beauty of universe", success and failure are neutral, both can’t exchange the human’s resources, starting from now, please don’t think about success and failure first, all you need to do are exploring, learning, pondering, practicing as if you hadn't had much time.


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