The earth isn’t dying, it’s being killed

          Hi smart people, good day, today I would like to share how to remedy a problem which can give a threat to earth, as we know the earth is kind of place where it’s used to make us comfortable, recently we can't live peacefully because the earth is showing the sign of destruction, the main reason why I say such thing the majority of people destruct the earth's balance system where it's been built long time ago by Almighty God, you may say to me "why would human do the destruction on earth? the first reason why people do the cruel thing on earth because they don't want to know how to keep the earth is alive, for example; people are cutting down the trees more than its population, discarding the remained oil in the sea, building the glasshouse, hunting the protected animals, discarding the plastic material to the soil without being put into the recycling bin, etc. Remember this note; our future is determined by our philosophy, when we don’t have any good philosophy, unwittingly we will make destruction to our future’s foundation, maybe you will ask me “how can we destroy our future by having no good philosophy?” the answer is when someone has no good philosophy, automatically someone desires to create the unproductive habit and the chaos habit, having a good philosophy can help you how to protect your character value from the pollution of mind where it's produced by people's unproductive habit and the pollution of chaotic mind which can decelerate a true happiness and longevity health.

If we look at the summary data 2018, around 40% that many trees have been cut by applying the illegal logging, it’s been done by the illegal lumberjack, if we take a look at the lumberjack’s purpose, they just want to earn the money as much as they can, means, they don’t have a good philosophy in their mind, if we let this habit is going, as a result, they will create a brutal regime, many people think the lumberjack’s activity is kind of the legal working activity, if they know about the tree’s plantation policy, they should not cut down the tree without implanting the a new seed first to make a balance the universe's system between the tree growing time and tree cutting time, imagine if people are cutting more the trees more than implanting the trees, it’s disaster, the earth is not dying, but it’s being killed by the irresponsible human, tree is the nature's home, if there is no tree, no animal or plant will stay alive, another case, please look at the plastic where it is dumped in the sea, imagine if there is someone dumps the plastic into it, then a thousand people will follow the last person who dumps the plastic into sea, “imagine if all people around the world will do it, the sea’s creature will die as purposely”

If you want to keep the earth is alive, consider the earth as your last shelter where it will give you protection, I am sure you will not do the destruction for purposely because you only have the last shelter, it doesn’t matter whether you have many houses, many hotels, many furniture, many mansions, if you consider the earth is the last shelter and other building you have are becoming the meaningless purpose, remember this philosophy in order to make you realized something; “when you work for protection and satisfaction, you only get what you want, but when you work for wisdom, you will get more than you expect” , this life is teaching us how to find the purpose of life, it’s very crucial to differentiate the phenomenon of self-awareness from discrete piece of self-knowledge, if you see the earth’s working principle; earth is working for supplying other creature living's daily necessity, that’s wisdom of life, if human will do the same like what the earth does, this life is more than our home.


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