The future belongs to those who believe about the beauty of their dreams

          Hi smart people, good day, today I would like to share how to collaborate with the future’s time, as we know that we have a three kind of time, namely yesterday, today and tomorrow, i have believed that many people are having dream since they were child, but unfortunately very few people are pursuing their dream, the big reason why people can't get dream because their dream are not making the money for them, so they leave their dream, in my opinion; dream is not designed to make money but dream is kind of gift where it's given to you in order to make your character is more attractive and more unique than anybody else, if you want to believe about the beauty of your dream, you will not leave your dream no matter what excuse you have, dream will make the money for you if other people have seen the good vision about your dream, that's the key, if we can't see any good vision about the power of dream, then our dream will perish, the main cause why dream will never come true because our fear is too big than your vision, here is the special note; dream doesn't require your needs, but it needs your commitment and an attractive character.

Dream needs your bigger focus, if you can't manage your focus, your dream will not run to you, dream doesn't want you to have anxiety or fear, so you need to live and enjoy what you are doing today with your good feeling, you must have the reality in your mind every dream is like the living creatures, it needs the good resources, looking the new inspiration, looking the knowledge, looking for good place to stay, so you need to challenge yourself to provide it until you obtain a new result, we can’t play with our dream by leaving it without control, here is a wise man said in the old time “don’t play with the power of dream because our fortune and our failure are determined by our preparation towards dream”, when we have failed at today’s result because we designed the unfinished destination at yesterday, the dream is having the mysterious gift where it’s provided for kind of people who are serious to learn how to prepare and pursue the dream world no matter how long its journey, so our job as human being is how to impress the future’s time with our best preparation.

 Maybe we are so proud about the dream, but we must ensure that our dream is vivid and reasonable, if we don't pursue the dream, our mind will be deceived with other people's dream, finally we will stop to pursue the dream and we will be assigned by other people to fulfill their dream, it's frightening thing, making a progress is the answer how to accelerate our dream to the reality world, we need to do something different rather than what we always can do, here I would share the philosophy that you may need to learn, “if you are faithful about your dream in the past, the future will make your dream becomes the clearest journey you need to run on it”, don’t let your dream is dangled by small achievement that you got in yesterday, you need to run with new achievement until dream will give you the sign of your victory, here is my special note; if you work on your dream, your future will change, your character is more attractive and your income will increase as well.