When you can’t control what you thought, you can’t control what you do

          Hi smart people, good day, today I would like to share about how to control our thought, as we know that mind will not work on the right purpose until it will be input with good philosophy and psychology, so the learning process is very crucial and complicated, beware of what your mind desire because there is impulse where it can absorb the positive information and also it can absorb the negative information, the mind will do something maximally when human produce the critical question to imagine the possibility of success, when our desire will oppose to do something important, it not caused by how to think, but it lacks of the information, remember this note; what you thought comes from your power of vision, if you haven't had enough how to ignite the power of vision, you can't produce the good idea until you know how to control what you do.

         The quality of your vision will determine the quality of your thought, the power of vision will be determined by having an unwavering faith, please remember that note, the first step we need to do if we want to control our thoughts; be a selective listener, when you listen carefully other people's experience, make sure the people you follow have much experiences in the selected area you are interested in, here is the second thing we need to do if we want to control our thought; change your idealism when it rejects the reality, so don't get easily proud when your idealism doesn't know there is something obstacle your thought processdon't let your action will follow the habit without you know how to stop what you start, it's dangerous thing if you let your action is irrevocable by your thought, I understand that you may not be able to  finish all the thing you can do in the same time, but you must find out how to control all you want and how to eliminate what you don't really want.


Having self-esteem looks promising, but the power is nothing without self-control before you learn for skill, you must ensure you train your mind first, if you just enhance your skill only, you only train yourself how to become a robotic machine, this universe will give the lesson to us spontaneously if we are serious to not repeat what we have accomplished in the past, that's the key how to control your habit, sometimes the past accomplishment can become your obstacles when you let it grow, watch out of what you implant in your mind because not all information can become personal guidance, if you just repeat what you know, your knowledge will be decreased by the time, make sure every day you need to monitor what you have done and what you haven't done yet, here is good philosophy you need to ponder; the more we control our thought, the more sophisticated idea will come to us, the less we control our thought, the more unproductive habit we will create.


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